Social chatbot company says some believe AI has feelings

Deepak Gupta July 2, 2022
Updated 2022/07/02 at 2:35 PM

We are already beginning to see some problems associated with the interaction between people and machines. A chatbot company says it receives many messages from customers who say they believe the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that talks to them has feelings.

In the future, this could turn out to be a very complex issue.




The company replica offers company avatars that, in a personalized way, speak and listen to the approximately one million customers. Embodying a problem that could get worse in the future, the company responsible for creating these chatbots says it receives many messages, almost every day, from users who believe that the AI ​​that talks to them has feelings.

We are not talking about crazy people or people who are hallucinating or who have illusions. They talk to AI and that's the experience they have.

Explained CEO Eugenia Kuyda.

In his opinion, the phenomenon of people who believe they are talking to a conscious entity, during an AI conversation, is not uncommon among the millions of users of entertainment chatbots, for example.

We need to understand that it exists, just as people believe in ghosts. People are building relationships and believing in something.

Kuyda said, adding that each user, on average, sends hundreds of messages a day to his chatbot.

CEO of Replika Eugenia Kuyda

CEO of Replika Eugenia Kuyda

Given the messages she receives daily from customers claiming that AI has feelings, Kuyda reveals she is concerned about this belief, as the social chatbot industry, despite being young, is growing.

Alongside this concern expressed by Replika CEO Susan Schneider, founding director of the Center for the Future Mind at Florida Atlantic University, an AI research organization, also warned about the constant evolution of chatbots combined with the need for innate connection of beings humans.

But assuming you're not conscious. Getting involved would be a terrible decision… we would be in a one-sided relationship with a machine that doesn't feel anything.

explained Schneider.

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