Some gender slurs are no longer on Wordle’s word list

Deepak Gupta February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 11:43 PM

Have you ever typed an NSFW word (or two or five) into Wordle in a fit of frustration? Well, it’s time for you to get your verbal memory skills out of the gutter. The New York Times newspaper plucked a bunch of gender slurs from Wordle’s internal dictionary, Polygon on Friday. The words “bitch”, “bitch” and “bitch” have been removed from the .

In other words, (no pun intended) typing any of these terms will have the same effect as typing a string of random letters like “asjfk” or “jkjkj”: a gray box will appear with the phrase “not in the word list” — and you will feel stupid. And for what it’s worth, none of these deleted words were solutions to previous Wordle puzzles, and there’s not much reason to believe they would have been in the future.

Not all profane terms or profanity have been deleted from Wordle’s list yet. According to Ploonge research, a number of slang terms for genitalia, as well as some common curses, are still approved.

But given the Gray Lady of profanity in both news coverage and crossword puzzles, it may just be a matter of time. One thing that is certain, however, is this: you will never see a winning word in THE New York Times version of Wordle that you couldn’t use in front of your grandmother. “Offensive words will always be omitted from consideration,” a Schedules spokesperson told Polygon.

The one created by developer Josh Wardle for his partner was dropped by the Times for a seven-figure sum late last month. Wordle just for the times website yesterday, and there were some setbacks. Some have noticed that their Wordle game stats were not automatically ended, like the Schedules promised. other people have in New, NYT-like the game’s interface and the likelihood that the game could soon be under the newspaper’s paywall (although it remains free for now).

If you are a naturally vulgar-minded person, don’t despair. there is always Wordle’s X-rated cousin.

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