Someone calls and says nothing? You can do that with Lost Calls

Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 6:31 AM

Does someone call you but don’t say a word after you answer? This is called “Lost Call”. We’ll tell you what such unwanted calls mean and explain what you can do when they call you.

Unsolicited calls: You can do that

If you keep getting unwanted calls like this where nobody says anything, you have no choice but to block the unknown number. You can do this directly in the settings in the telephone or mobile phone. For example, on the Nokia 7.2 smartphone, tap and hold the unwanted number and then select “Block/Report Spam”.

If you are bothered by lost calls so often that it is no longer acceptable, according to the tellows platform, you can take legal action against the situation.

“It is possible to lodge a complaint with the Federal Network Agency. They then check for each individual case whether the software-controlled dialing behavior of your phone number actually represents an unreasonable nuisance within the meaning of Section 7 (1) sentence 1 UWG against unfair competition.


In order for this to be determined, it is important that you describe in great detail and specifically how and how often you are confronted with the behavior. The Bundesnetzagentur’s complaint form can be found here.

Since December 1st, 2021 you are better protected
“In the future, providers will have to give you a contract summary in text form (e.g. a PDF by e-mail or in printed form) before you conclude a telephone contract (for fixed network, Internet and/or mobile phone connection),” according to the consumer advice center.

Who is actually behind Lost Calls?

According to tellows, most cases of such unwanted calls can be traced back to so-called predictive dialers. In the broadest sense, this refers to an automated dialing program for telephone calls.

Call centers thus obviously have the opportunity to work as cost-optimized as possible, since a relatively large number of outgoing telephone calls can be initiated within a short period of time without a great loss of time.

“In some cases, entire call lists are processed. With this way of working, for example, a call can be set up even though the call center agent is still in another call at the time,” says tellows. In this way, the call centers want to save time because call center employees do not have a break between phone calls.

The following numbers have been reported to tellows as lost calls in the past:

  • 01781193290
  • 02025647582
  • 0405369687

More tips and tricks about unwanted calls

If unknown numbers call you and you are suspicious whether they are spam calls, you should ask three questions. In general, make sure never to say “yes.” In addition, seven sentences can expose telephone fraud. If you want to report phone scams, you should pay attention to two details.

Source: tellows, consumer center

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