Soon it only needs one click to make Chrome the default Windows browser

Deepak Gupta August 16, 2022
Updated 2022/08/16 at 12:59 AM

In an effort to bring even more users to Edge, Microsoft decided to complicate the switch from the default Windows browser. This was a poorly received change, but it was eventually reversed after some time.

Even so, and with Microsoft changing its mind, this process is still not simple. Google seems to have found a way around this issue and soon it only needs one click to make Chrome the default browser on Windows.




It's been a real struggle against Microsoft and Windows, when it comes to using a browser other than Edge. Switching to another default browser is not simple and there are always new limitations and changes.

If Mozilla managed to change that with Firefox, now it seems Google's turn to do it with Chrome. This browser will soon be able to be set as the Windows standard, pressing just one button, thus consuming a simple click inside the browser.

Which was revealed now shows that the latest update of the Dev version of Chrome already has this new option present. For now, and based on several tests performed on Microsoft's system, it seems limited to still working with the Windows 10 2H22 update.

As can be seen below, this should be a simple and immediate process. Chrome will detect that it is not the default browser and will ask the Windows user if he wants to define Google's proposal as such. The user will only have to press the present button.

Chrome Windows default Microsoft browser

Naturally, Google wants this new feature to be used on any version of Windows. Thus, it is natural and even expected that changes will soon appear to extend this functionality to other versions of Windows.

After all the confusion that Microsoft created with the change it applied, now is the time for browser creators to change this scenario. Google seems to have managed to get around the limitations and now lets you make Chrome the default Windows browser, with a simple click.

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