SpaceX: billionaire books 3 new space trips with the company

Deepak Gupta February 16, 2022
Updated 2022/02/16 at 4:51 PM

“Money doesn’t buy happiness. Give me your money and be happy”, goes the popular saying/joke of uncle. Really, money won’t make you happy, but traveling four times into space should give a lot of joy to anyone who has a passion for astronomy. Jared Isaacman traveled to space with the SpaceX in September last year. Not content (and with money to spare) with the first Earth orbit, the billionaire bought three more trips with the company.

Polaris program wants to raise funds for charity and carry out experiments

The three trips purchased by Isaacman are part of Polaris Programcreated by himself and that will use the infrastructure of the SpaceX. The first space mission will be carried out at the end of this year and will be named Polaris Dawn (as well as the other two trips that follow). More than space tourism, Isaacman wants to give a purpose to the missions and the program. According to the billionaire, the goal of polaris is to raise money for charities and causes of value to humanity, conduct scientific experiments and test new technologies.

The missions will reach the highest orbits ever flown (at least they will try). Currently, the record is for the Gemini 11 mission, one of the pre-lunar voyage stages that reached 1,375 km in height in 1966. The next two missions still do not have a date on when they will be carried out. The third mission will use the rocket starship, not yet finalized. In addition to Isaacmanflew in Polaris Dawn: Scott Potet, Sarah Gillis and Anna Menon.

Inspiration 4 was funded by Isaacman

The first all-civilian mission of the SpaceX it was named Inspiration 4 and had as a sponsor (no value disclosed) Jared Isaacman, who is the creator of this flight and founder of the e-commerce company Shift4 Payments, being the first crew member of this spacewalk.

The other three citizens chosen (with tickets paid for by Isaacman) for the Inspiration 4 mission were: Hayley Arceneaux, 29, a childhood bone cancer survivor; Chris Sembroski, 42, a former US Air Force veteran, and Sian Proctor, a 51-year-old science teacher. All with inspiring origins and representing humanity in general. The three are the — pardon the redundancy — inspiration for the mission’s name: Inspiration 4.


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