SPC ZEUS 4G PRO – the smartphone for the elderly with SOS features

Deepak Gupta July 13, 2022
Updated 2022/07/13 at 7:55 PM

According to Eurostat 2020 data, half a million Portuguese people over 65 live alone in Portugal. Faced with these numbers, it is evident the need to be reachable, without technology being an obstacle. The ZEUS smartphone line arrives in Portugal to respond to this need.

The SPC ZEUS 4G PRO is an Android smartphone aimed at the elderly, easy to use and with adapted interface and features.

SPC, a technology company specialized in the development of consumer electronics products, announced today the brand's commitment to the area of ​​mobile devices for the national market, with an emphasis on the segment of products for seniors, highlighting the new range of ZEUS smartphones.

As more and more people, more seniors, and their families have other needs for remote management of mobile devices, SOS support, ensuring contact in situations of physical distance, we will continue to launch a series of new and exciting products. that make life easier and safer for users and their caregiver families, such as our mobile telephony solutions for seniors, and of which the new smartphones for seniors ZEUS 4G PRO and ZEUS 4G are two great examples.

| said Manuel Ferreira, Country Manager for SPC in Portugal

SPC ZEUS 4G PRO - the smartphone with the elderly in mind

ZEUS 4G PRO has features specially designed for people who need an Android smartphone with which they can download applications and that is very easy to use, thanks to its simplified interface with large and colorful icons, practical physical keys to turn on and off and access directly to the main device settings.

All this is complemented with an SOS button for emergency notification and with SPC's Smart Help, a set of intelligent features intended not only to facilitate its use by the elderly, but also to help their family members take care of them when they cannot be with them face to face.

With this option, the closest contacts of the elderly will be able to remotely configure some ZEUS 4G PRO settings and will receive notifications in case of unusual smartphone inactivity.

To be used, the user does not need to be used to dealing with smartphones. To simplify its use, it includes physical keys on the front and the SPC Easy Mode, a very intuitive and easy to use interface (and which can be changed at any time to the usual Android interface).

Shortcuts and frequent contacts

To make contacting your closest family members a very simple task, on the left of the main page you can place large-size photos and the names of six favorite contacts that you can call or send a message to with just one click on the icon.

This device also includes the Shortcuts App, which allows you to activate and deactivate the smartphone's most used settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, mobile data...) with a simple click.

Furthermore, so that senior users always have quick access to their most used apps on the screen, the ZEUS 4G PRO integrates the APPS option. By accessing this option, you can select from the entire list of apps, pre-installed and downloaded from the Play Store, the ones you want to appear on the screen, in addition to hiding the less used ones.

This model also has a convenient charging base to always keep it in sight while charging the 2,400 mAh battery and make sure it's always charged. It also comes with a USB Type-C connection so it can also be charged off the base. In addition, the device includes a flexible cover that protects it against accidental bumps and drops and guarantees greater resistance to impacts.

The new smartphone has many more functions that are very practical for users. These include direct access to the FM radio or the flashlight, which is activated by a long press (to avoid accidental activations in your pocket) on the included dedicated button.

Extra help and the SOS button

The ZEUS 4G PRO incorporates Smart Help, a set of three SPC smart help functions that, among other options, notifies a trusted phone number in the event of unusual device inactivity. In this sense, the Smart Notifications function sends an SMS to a previously configured number if it detects that there is less than 15% battery remaining or that there is at least one missed call not answered.

In turn, the Smart Ring option increases the volume of the phone if the same number calls again within three minutes after a first missed call. Once the call is answered, the volume returns to the previous level.

In addition to these functions, the new SPC phone also includes an SOS button that the user can activate on the back. With a long press (to avoid being triggered by a random touch), this button initiates calls and SMS with a customizable emergency message and mobile location for up to three trusted numbers. When one of them answers, the hands-free function is automatically activated so that the user can easily communicate with the other party and the other party, in turn, can hear what may be happening in the background.

SPC ZEUS 4G PRO General Specifications

The ZEUS 4G PRO is a smartphone with a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera. It has 32 GB of internal storage (expandable to another 512 GB via MicroSD card), and the IPS touchscreen is 5.5 "with 18:9 aspect ratio, HD+ resolution (1400 x 720 pixels) and 16.7 million colors .

This device is powered by a 2GHz quad-core processor and an IMG GE8300 graphics card, with the 3GB of RAM. All this complemented with the Android 11 operating system and 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0. It also has a 3.5mm jack, aimed at those users who want to continue to use the wired earphones of a lifetime and incorporates Dual SIM functionality, which allows you to enter two different numbers.

The range of mobile phones for seniors from SPC is completed with the ZEUS 4G, a second smartphone with features for seniors that the company presents and which works with Android 11 Go. It incorporates two 5 megapixel cameras and has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory (expandable to an additional 512 GB with a Micro SD card). Provided with the remaining features described for the Pro version.

price and availability

Both models are now available in Portugal with prices of €169.90 for the ZEUS 4G PRO and €139.90 for the ZEUS 4G version.

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