Spotify will invest $100 million in content from underrepresented groups

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 7, 2022
Updated 2022/02/07 at 8:49 PM

THE Spotify announced that it will invest 100 million dollars in content from underrepresented groups (as minorities). This amount will be used to promote the music and content market (read the podcast). The value is the same paid for the exclusivity of the Joe Rogan’s podcastpivot of some controversies and boycotts to music streaming platform in the last days.

Spotify will use $100 million to expand reach to minority groups*

In a memo sent to employees of the Spotify in the last Sunday, Daniel Ekthe company’s CEO, announced that the streaming service will invest 100 million dollars in marketing, developing and licensing music and podcasts from groups historically marginalized by society, such as the black population, the LGBTQIA+ community and other groups that are victims of prejudice.

the attitude of Spotify was taken alongside the decision to remove more than 70 episodes from podcasts The Joe Rogan Experience, the most listened to podcast in the world, because it contains racist terms. In total, adding the episodes with false information about vaccination, Joe Rogan saw 113 episodes of its show removed from the platform. According to the presenter and the Spotify, the decision to remove these new 70 episodes came from him. US$ 100 million was also the amount paid by the platform for the exclusive transmission of the podcast

Joe Rogan and Spotify vs. Neil Young

After Neil Youngpopular rockstar of Canadian origin, ask the Spotify to choose between “Rogan or Young. Not both”, the streaming platform began removing the singer’s songs from its library. The controversy started after Young decided he no longer wanted his songs in the same place as the podcast. The Joe Rogan Experience of the popular UFC commentator and comedian, who gives the program its name. Singer Joni Mitchell and author Roxane Gay followed Young and removed its contents from the Spotify. Despite the negative repercussions of the case, the Spotify has not seen its market share affected.

* Despite being a popular term to refer to groups that are victims of prejudice, they are not necessarily about minorities. For example, in Brazil, most of the population identifies as brown or black.


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