Startup Programs in Windows 11 and How to Add Them

Deepak Gupta December 7, 2021
Updated 2021/12/07 at 8:57 PM

As you may already know, Windows 11 was launched on October 5, innovating in today’s world of technology. This gave rise to new doubts from users about the customization and configuration of it. How relevant we bring a guide to How to add preferred startup programs when running Windows 11. Join us to further explore this interesting world. We already started.

Steps to add programs to startup in Windows 11

To make your Favorite programs start at startup of Windows 11 you need to perform the following steps.

1-Press the start button and search until find the application you want to add. You can perform this action simply by typing the name of the application in the search engine of the start menu.

2-Click the right mouse button on the application, select more then Open file location. When carrying out this action, the location where the direct access to the application is saved should appear, if it does not work it means that this application cannot be executed at startup.

3-With the location already open and ready for the next step, press Windows + r (key with the Windows logo and the letter r). Scribe “Shell: startup” and then press Enter. This will run the home folder.

4-You would only have left copy and paste the application shortcut from the home folder file location.

The startup program, in case you decide to uninstall or delete an already added application, it will automatically list or delete it.

Impact on the operating system of programs at startup.

The manager of programs that start with Windows will show us an eEstimation for in the future to know if the added application will cause a great impact or a small impact on the system startup. This will classify them in High impact or No impact. However, this estimate should not be taken into account if you have less than 13 startup programs. Since in our experience this estimate will not affect the performance of Windows 11 in the short term. With the arrival of more than 20 High Impact Applications Could Affect Older Computers Running Windows 11. This won’t be a big problem as it should only increase the time that Windows will run.

Manager of programs that start with Windows 11.

You can view all the tools and system resources that initialize once the operating system is running on the computer. Windows 11 has an integrated application called autoruns. To open this application simply go to the start menu and type autoruns in the search bar. Once access to the application exits, press the open option.

This application provides an interface that may seem a bit rough at first, but if we study it carefully it can be very useful. Here we can see all applications, services, dll and more that start with the operating system. It shows us details as well as the access paths to the various components. You even have the opportunity to specifically disable an application just by unchecking the box in front of the program. Note that programs with system or administrative privileges will not be able to disable.

Manager of programs that start with Windows 11.

How to remove programs that start with Windows 11

To cancel the execution of programs when Windows 11 starts, we will go to the computer configuration. Click Start Menu, then find and Click the gear icon next to the on / off button. You could also click the button All applications At the top corner of the home button, go to S, find Settings.

Once Configuration is run, go to the Applications menu, it is located in the left of apps page, then inside this fence to Arrancar. You will now see a list of applications that will start when you log in. Once inside, you will only have to click on the applications that you want to run and that you do not want with the cursor on the off or on button.

After this, all those applications that you decided not to start, They will no longer start Windows 11 until you decide to reverse the process. This will improve the startup of your computer and of course it will influence its performance a bit. Fewer processes running will increase the demand on resources, in addition to eliminating unnecessary applications.

Windows 11 performance

If you have owned a computer for a long time, you may have noticed that installing applications Windows begins to take longer to start. This can be due to the previous execution of applications that are started at the beginning. Normally if you have a solid state disk you might notice that before it started in 2 or 3 seconds and now it starts in 9, it is not much compared to the old disks. But, let’s remember that it is 3 times what it would normally take. If that’s a problem for you, feel free to downgrade the programs you don’t use when you start Windows.

What programs do I need to run at startup?

It is not necessary to none of the user’s own programs are executed at startup when Windows is running. The operating system will continue to work, what’s more, it will function correctly and even faster with all programs disabled. However, we must bear in mind that some programs are more important than others.

We have to bear in mind that there are many programs that they are based and automatically synced with the cloud. As they are OneDrive, iCloud, Slack or Microsoft Teams, it is recommended and generally should be left active. By leaving them active, it means that you should not wait for the files to be downloaded and in this way you do not miss notifications from the system.

Turn off programs that do not synchronize data or that only synchronize data that is used by the user with infrequently it would be the safest and safest thing to do. The examples are several, all that software that manages a process in the background. As well as background processes of photo, song or video editing applications.

More efficiency when starting Windows 11.

By managing any application that runs or is started with Windows 11 you are helping your computer start up fast. You must control it for life, this if you want your computer to flow and maintain optimal performance and its performance in trivial functions does not decline. Since it will not start applications that you do not use and that do not remain running in the background, you will have more resources of your computer available and it will allow you a faster execution.

However, as you have chosen the applications that start with Windows 11, you will not have to search for the applications again. Contributing this to greater efficiency during your work. All you will need to do is save the application to the start menu and your computer will launch it once the system boots.

Thanks to a Correct control and administration of a computer is increasingly what can be done in short periods of time. Do not hesitate to inquire and wonder about your computer, since doubt is the beginning of knowledge in general. Once optimized, your computer will extend its useful life and it will be an indispensable tool in your day-to-day life.


After this necessary introduction to Windows 11 startup, we hope you have experienced a healthy enrichment of knowledge about the functionality and support when managing the applications on your computer. Also if among the readers there are any luminaries capable of informing others about other ways to add programs to the beginning of Windows, you are invited to share this knowledge and help the community in general with your experiences.

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