Still using Hangouts? Google will start migrating missing users to Chat

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 28, 2022
Updated 2022/06/28 at 1:14 AM

Google has the (bad) habit of killing its services drastically, without giving users any chance to and keep in these solutions. Even more ridiculous is that they often create alternatives that are the same and have the same functionality.

This is precisely what has been happening for several months with Google Hangouts, in a slow process of switching to Chat. This one has been going on almost silently, but now it will receive a final effort. Users who have not yet changed will be taken directly to the new proposal.




Time to move from Hangouts to Chat

Google has already made the decision several times to migrate its users from Hangouts to Chat. It started this process with corporate accounts, in order to have many of its customers test the new proposal intensively.

The next step was to look at your free accounts and start that process as well. This has already happened in some batches of users, who saw the possibility of migrating to the new service, which is fully integrated with Gmail.

Google Chat Hangouts Users Migrate

Google has restarted this process again

Than revealed now, the migration of the missing users from Hangouts to Chat will take its final course and, it is hoped, will happen definitively and without the possibility of being reversed. When opening the Hangouts app, users are invited to use Chat via the Gmail app or through its native app.

Those who use the dedicated extension for Chrome will have the same behavior and this extension will also stop working soon. The version dedicated to Android should follow this path towards the end of the year, in November.

Google Chat Hangouts Users Migrate

Users will not be able to change

For now, this appears to be a voluntary migration, despite being advised to users of this messaging service. Later, about 1 month before the change, a new notification will appear. When Hangouts stops working, the app will only forward users.

Google thus takes another step to end its Hangouts once and for all and migrate users to Chat. The integration with Gmail hasn't had good reviews, with many preferring the native app. Still, this seems to be more of a typical decision from the search giant.

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