Stranger Things is coming! Season four will be split into two volumes.

Deepak Gupta February 18, 2022
Updated 2022/02/18 at 4:52 AM

Stranger Things It’s one of the funniest series ever. Netflix (in my humble and useless opinion). But it’s been so long since Netflix I didn’t say anything new about the series that I even forgot it existed. Today the streaming platform not only reminded me that I had already marathoned the series instead of studying (years ago) but also announced the Stranger Things season four returning on the 27th of May. And it will make up for the delay…

Stranger Things season 4 is big as a demogorgon

After three years without a new season (and of course the pandemic was related to the delay), the Stranger Things season four arrives with everything. It’s not just that the series will return, but the new season will be divided into two volumes – the first on May 27th and the second on July 1st.

In addition to the announcement about the end of the series’ hiatus, the Netflix released a letter from the Duffers brothers, creators of Stranger Thingswhere the reason for separating into two volumes is explained: the fourth season is the longest in the series (an obvious reason). According to the creators, this new part of the adventures of Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will and Dustin It’s twice as long as the other seasons.

It was also revealed that this will be the penultimate season of Stranger Thingsbut there is still no date for when the Netflix will throw the end of the story. Stranger Things is a critical success for bringing elements of films and series from the 80s. A film closely associated with Stranger Things It’s Count on mean 80s classic inspired by a Stephen King short story and broadcast several times in the Afternoon Session.

Stranger Things spin off in Netflix plans?

The final paragraph of the Duffer brothers’ letter contains a very curious passage. He talks about having several stories to tell in the universe of Stranger Things. In 2021, the possibility of a spin off of the series has already been lifted. The speculation arose after one of the executives of Netflix say that “Stranger Things was the birth of a franchise.” Millie Bobby Brown, a.k.a. Eleven, has other works with the streaming service… Eleven’s future or past can clearly be explored. Let’s wait…


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