Stray : a cat’s adventure in the big city already has a date

Deepak Gupta June 29, 2022
Updated 2022/06/29 at 6:09 PM

In development by the French at BlueTwelve Studios, Stray is a very curious game about a lost cat in a large metropolis.

The game has just received its official release date. And it’s already close!

After more than 2 years of development, the French team of BlueTwelve Studios has just revealed the release date of their game, Stray.

Stray, which started with the codename "HK Project", has a long history, having been revealed co-founders of BlueTwelve Studios (Koola and Viv) in 2020.

In Stray, players will have to control a cat on the streets of a big city in a third-person perspective. Well...control might not be the right word, since, like in reality, controlling a cat is not a sweet treat.

Lost, alone and far from his family (litter), this stray cat (Stray in Portuguese means Stray) has to unravel an ancient mystery in order to escape from a futuristic city inhabited by robots. It's a place full of traps and dangers and all the skills of the little cat will be essential to escape this strange city and reunite with his family.

From the start of the project, BlueTwelve Studios paid particular attention to the feline's animations and controls, in order to enhance a real experience of living through the eyes of a cat. Miko, the person in charge of the cat animations in Stray, took the challenge to heart and consumed hours on end of images and videos about the felines' movements, to reproduce in the best way in the game.

Many of the developers at the studios have cats and much of the inspiration for the game came from watching two small cats in the middle of the studio (Oscar and Jun). In fact, many of these interactions were even reproduced for the game.

A curiosity of Stray is the fact that the cat, during the game, creates bonds of friendship with a drone, called the B-12. In this way, both explore that sinister city and solve the various challenges they face. In fact, those in charge also mention that the inclusion of the B-12 Drone that follows the cat everywhere opens the door to a whole new layer of ways to interact with the environment and other characters.

Stray will be released on July 19 this year for Playstation and PC, and will be available on the same day for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members.

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