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Deepak Gupta February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 10:35 AM

You can RTL Plus for free stream as long as you choose the Free package. Then the streaming service, which was formerly known as TV Now, offers you a powerful selection of content from popular television channels such as RTL, VOX, RTL II and Co. But above all, the premium subscription comes with advantages that stand out can let see. In the following, we will tell you what the differences are and how you can best decide.

Stream RTL Plus for free: What you can expect

The decision to stream RTL Plus for free shouldn’t be too difficult for you. As already mentioned, with the free package you can enjoy a plethora of repetitions of numerous RTL Group TV stations. This includes exciting shows from the programs of VOX, RTL NITRO, SUPER RTL and, logically, also RTL and RTL II. The comparatively informative n-tv media center can also be tapped online free of charge.

With the free package, however, certain compromises have to be made. For example, you cannot enjoy live streams with RTL Plus for free, only view the content in the lower SD quality and only have access within your browser and not with the useful app.

This is how you get RTL Plus for free

To get hold of RTL Plus for free, all you need is to register on the relevant page. After entering your e-mail address, verifying your age and accepting the terms and conditions, nothing stands in your way and you can get started immediately. This gives you direct access to the latest reruns, a personal watch list, exclusive competitions and news.

RTL Plus Premium: These are the differences

In order to be able to access the premium program as opposed to the content you receive when you use RTL Plus for free, you have to take out a paid subscription. This gives you access to a much larger selection than the free version of the streaming service.

You can choose from over 500 programs, including their past seasons and episodes, in addition to the so-called originals from RTL Plus (formerly TV Now) in the library. You can also watch certain content before it is first broadcast, get live streams from more than 13 RTL channels and see everything that RTL Plus has to offer in high-resolution HD quality. Significantly fewer commercials are also broadcast and you can also stream on other devices such as Apple TV or the Chromecast using the RTL Plus app.

Test RTL Plus Premium for free

Of course, you can also test the RTL Plus premium offer for free. You get the trial subscription for a period of 30 days, after that it costs you 4.99 euros per month. To try out RTL Plus Premium, you also need to register on the provider’s website.

With the Premium+ version, you even have the option of watching RTL Plus on multiple devices at the same time, completely bypassing advertising and watching the offer in the original version. RTL Plus Premium+ also costs you a small surcharge of EUR 7.99 per month compared to the normal premium model.

Conclusion: The free RTL Plus offer can be worthwhile

As long as commercials don’t drive you crazy and you can live with a lower SD resolution, the RTL media library from RTL Plus can also be worthwhile for free. ProSiebenSat.1 also offers you free streaming with Joyn. And we’ll also tell you how you can stream for free with Rakuten TV without spending your wallet on Netflix. Unnecessarily taxing Amazon and Co.

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