Streaming services in comparison: Netflix is ​​beaten by competitors

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
Updated 2022/01/23 at 12:19 PM

Butter by the fishes: Who still watches the TV program regularly? Millennials and Generation X, Y and Z aren’t the only ones who get sucked into the depths of the most popular streaming services. In general, streaming providers in all age groups have gained momentum. But which one is actually the best? Which offers the best program? IMTEST has five Comparison of streaming services watched and found out that Netflix isn’t really the top contender.

Streaming Services Comparison: These platforms are challenging Netflix

Everyone knows the streaming services from the test: in addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Joyn+, Apple TV+ and Disney+ join the battle ring for the best VoD service. Strikingly direct: the range of programmes. Here the first services are already diverging with different ranges. An overview:

Movies & Series Monthly charges
Amazon Prime Video 5,500 8 euro
Netflix 5,100 8 to 18 euros
Joyn+ 3,600 7 euros
Disney+ 1,700 9 euros
AppleTV+ 70 5 euros

The small number of films and series on Apple+ is interesting. The reason: The candidate only offers in-house productions. This also applies to Disney+. The difference: Apple is still quite new in the film industry. It remains to be seen whether the offer will grow a bit here.

How good are the films and series on Netflix & Co.?

Quality over quantity also applies in this comparison: a large range of entertainment does not reveal anything about the class of the films. According to IMTEST, Netflix is ​​a step ahead. They offer a huge repertoire of the best-rated films and series from the Internet. Netflix is ​​closely followed by Amazon Prime Video.

High quality for the eyes, however, is most likely to be found on Apple TV+. All in-house productions can be admired in 4K resolution. At Amazon, Disney and Netflix there are always delicacies in 4K. The disadvantage of Netflix: If you want to enjoy the high resolution, you have to pay a surcharge. Then 18 euros per month are due. Joyn+ completely dispenses with 4K.

Test winner: Amazon Prime Video dethrones Netflix

Who would have thought? In the overall test, Netflix has to admit defeat to Amazon. For a simple reason: Netflix failed a test phase. All streaming services in comparison can be tested by potential customers. With Netflix, on the other hand, it’s all or nothing. The IMTEST testers find that not very exciting. In addition, Amazon Prime Videos has the largest array of great films and series. A nice addition: In the start menu you will find films that are about to expire. No other service does either.

Top start menus invite you to watch a film – parental controls disappointing

IMTEST did not pull a rope from the start menus of any streaming service in the test. Both Joyn+, Netflix and the rest have well-organized menus that make it easy to categorize by favorite movies and series. Testers once again praised Netflix insistently: The VoD service shines thanks to the tidy interface and the top 10 films and series from the country – a nice feature.

It doesn’t look like much when it comes to parental controls: none of the services are really top-notch. Profiles can be created and Disney+ in particular mainly offers content for kiddies, but the security gaps have not really been thought through. All services could still make some adjustments here to protect children from adult content.

Despite the test result, Netflix holds its own as the number 1 most popular video streaming service. Netflix has over 213 million subscribers worldwide. In the IMTEST, however, Amazon Prime Video particularly stood out. The streaming services in comparison were all convincing IMTEST.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to which offer appeals to you the most. On Disney+, kids and Disney fans will be happy, on Joyn+ you can discover the German TV landscape for yourself. Blockbusters and classics are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Source: IMTEST; own research

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