Tabs in File Explorer? Now much closer to reaching Windows 11

Deepak Gupta August 15, 2022
Updated 2022/08/15 at 1:29 AM

Microsoft has been giving Windows 11 a lot of news and improvements. Many of them have been requested for many years and aim to improve this system in several aspects, especially in terms of usability and simplicity of configuration.

One of the ones we’ve already seen coming are the File Explorer tabs. This is an improvement everyone wanted to see that is now in the Insiders program. It was limited, but it finally reaches all users.




It's no secret that Microsoft wants to completely change the face of Windows 11. From the very beginning, this system presented important changes compared to the previous version, but over time it has stood out even more.

One of the most requested changes was the arrival of tabs in the File Explorer. Microsoft has been betting on this way of using the interfaces and this will be a privileged place that seems to show more interest to users of this operating system.

Explorer Tabs Files Windows 11 Microsoft

After some less successful experiences on Windows 10 with Sets, Microsoft seems to have put this project on hold. The truth is that it has returned now, as we have already made it known to you a few months ago, albeit in a limited way and still without any information.

Now, after some time, the File Explorer tabs were extended to other users. For now it is only accessible to those who use the Insiders program builds, but this is the certainty that this novelty will be incorporated in one of the next versions.

Explorer Tabs Files Windows 11 Microsoft

As we revealed before, the Windows 11 File Explorer tabs will be the same as what we already have in other applications like Edge. It will be possible to have several instances open and working with each other, receiving files between windows. It will also be possible to easily organize these tabs.

Those who are in the Insiders program have this new feature in the latest build. By installing this new version, these tabs are now accessible in the File Explorer, ready to be explored immediately and with everything that is already available.

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