Tachyum company announces its Prodigy CPUs with up to 128 cores at 5.7 GHz and 950 W

Deepak Gupta June 14, 2022
Updated 2022/06/14 at 12:41 PM

When it comes to processors, we are usually talking about Intel or AMD, which are the main brands in this sector. However, there are other names that have stood out and started to gain some ground in this market.

One of these names is the North American company Tachyum which recently announced its new processors called Prodigy. The devices have up to 128 cores operating at 5.7 GHz and a power consumption of 950 W.

The new Tachyum processors

You have probably never heard of this brand and you may even think that it is a Chinese company, however the Tachyum is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.

And now the manufacturer announced its new line of processors called Prodigy, and that can have some impact in the field led by Intel and AMD. After the announcement, it became known that the most powerful model of the entire lineup is the Prodigy T16128-AIX and comes equipped with 128 cores that operate at a frequency of 5.7 GHz.

The company had already presented this concept of "universal processor" in the year 2018 at the event Hot Chips 2018, codenamed Prodigy. And, in short, it was based on the use of a dynamic binary translator that would exclude any type of code with a high frequency. And, according to company executives, this made the Prodigys into off-road processors.

In the table above we can see the details of the future Progidy processors, revealed by the brand.

This will then be the world's first universal processor, since according to the company, it can perform CPU, GPU, TPU tasks on a single CPU. It can also run native and x86 binary code, ARM, ISA and RISC-V. However these promises are only in theory, as there are no real tests, such as benchmarks, to confirm them.

Tachyum adds that its Progidy processor consumes up to 10 times less than competing chips and costs 1/3 of the value. And all based on a custom architecture, in which the brand guarantees that they create everything from scratch. In addition, the company guarantees that its high-end CPU offers FP64 performance three times that of an NVIDIA H100 and six times that of a Xeon Platinum 8380HL.

To promote the credibility of these details, Tachyum says it will send samples of Progidy for media review later this year. Mass production of this equipment is also expected to take place during the first half of 2023.

Do Intel and AMD have reason to be concerned?

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