Telegram is about to stop being free and the proofs are back in plain sight

Deepak Gupta May 28, 2022
Updated 2022/05/28 at 7:03 AM

It’s no secret that Telegram will no longer be free, at least in some of its parts. This messaging service wants to give users more and therefore asks them to pay to have access to these extras.

There was already some information about this novelty, which does not please everyone, but now more evidence has emerged. It’s a simple change, but it shows that very soon Telegram will no longer be “free forever” as advertised.

Messaging services seem to be changing and not for the better in most cases. They want to start providing extra features and elements, but require users to pay to have access to these new features.

It is normal to monetize these proposals, which thus change the paradigm and these services. Telegram seems to be the next to join this new reality and has therefore already begun to change many of its elements, including the most basic ones that are not always repaired.

That's what Alessando Paluzzi revealed on Twitter, showing one of these changes. Telegram, which has always boasted of being a free service forever and without subscriptions, is now changing and it just turns out to have no storage limits.

This is yet another change that is preparing the arrival of Telegram Premium. This one was made known a few weeks ago and promises for now to give access to new stickers and other extras. Of course these additions require payment

Much more has been made known in recent weeks and shows that Telegram Premium is really coming soon. It is not yet known in what form and at what price, but the truth is that it will be a reality soon and will change the way this service is used.

This is still a simple and very discreet change, but the truth is that it will pave the way for the expected and not always desired change in Telegram. It will not be imposed on users, but there will always be a limit for those who decide not to join the Premium plan and stay in the free version.

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