Tesla Cybertruck may come without a handle and with a giant windshield wiper

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 1:57 AM

THE Elon Musk took the stage during a screening of Tesla to officially show the company’s new pickup truck, the cybertruck, which would be the most futuristic model of the automaker. After the presentation, which did not end as planned, the company did not say anything more about the vehicle, but a new video was finally leaked. displays how the model project currently looks.

Thanks to footage posted on the forum of Cybertruck Owners Club, via electrek, it is possible to take a look at some details of the company’s new truck. In this video, as well as another recently published by a drone pilot who caught the vehicle being tested on an automaker’s track, what draws a lot of attention is the giant windshield wiper.

At the time, when the footage taken by the aircraft was published, the Elon Musk stated that this was also something that was bothering him, but he said that would it be possible for the driver to store it in the trunk?. However, this is far from practical, forcing users to go outside in conditions such as rain, sleet and snow to re-install the windshield, the owner of the Tesla stated that this solution was “ideal, but complex”.

In this new footage, which was apparently taken at one of the electric vehicle maker’s facilities, you can see a little bit of the vehicle, with people walking around it and checking things like the wheels and doors. One of the most striking differences from the model presented in 2019 is that this new version of the pickup does not have any kind of handle.

According to the subtitles of the video, which is supposed to be of someone talking but the original audio has been removed, to open the car the driver will have to touch with the smartphone or with a key card on a specific sensor for the door to open.

In the subtitles of the video it is said that this pickup truck being displayed is just a version concept”, with the model that may arrive in stores and may have changes. Possibly the Tesla will still greatly change the vehicle’s design, that’s because apparently it is delaying the vehicle’s launch until 2023.


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Source: electrek, The Verge

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