Tesla Cybertruck production start delayed to 2023

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 3:23 PM

In recent days, the possibility of not launching its futuristic pickup was growing cybertruck this year, the date initially promised by Elon Musk in 2019. Now the billionaire confirmed in a conference call with shareholders of Tesla what the launch will be postponedwith production possibly starting as early as next year.

Cybertruck officially postponed

According to the statements of the automaker’s CEO, he points out that one of the impediments to the launch of your pickup is the company’s current production limitation, that if it “introduces new vehicles, our total vehicle production will decrease”. The main production factor cited by the company is its ability to produce batteries, which is limiting total production.

But Elon Musk also points out that, in addition to the limited production of Teslathe company believes that people are still not willing to pay the amount that the vehicle would leave. That’s why they’re making an effort to leave the cybertruck with the most affordable value possible, it is worth remembering that the company promised the model for only US$ 39,900, R$ 213,000.

Credits: Tesla Disclosure

Howeverpossibly this should no longer be the value of the company’s electric pickup, that’s because the automaker removed any quote about the vehicle’s cost from the official website along with the launch date. As the release date removal has been confirmed as a postponement, it is possible to assume that the model value will also change.

Cybertruck prototype in testing

A leaked video at a recent company installation revealed the company’s current pickup truck design, which features a super giant windshield wiperwhich, according to the CEO of Teslacan be stored in the trunk.

In addition cybertruck also currently it doesn’t have any kind of handlewith the driver having to use the smartphone or the key card for the electric vehicle to open the car door.

Tesla won’t launch affordable car this year

One of the promises of Elon in recent years is the launch of a company’s $25,000 electric vehicle, now the billionaire has claimed that the company is not working on the development of this model. According to him, the automaker says that even if the price of its vehicles doesn’t change, “we would still sell everything we can do.”


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Source: The Verge, Gizmochina

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