Tesla has prepared Model Y with greater autonomy and cheaper, but it is still not for everyone

Deepak Gupta April 12, 2022
Updated 2022/04/12 at 8:05 PM

Co, many news on the way next year, Tesla has now focused on the proposals it has on the market and that can be purchased. Its two new factories will certainly increase the pace of deliveries and that is very positive.

Now, and from what is known, the Elon Musk brand has something new to be prepared. It will launch a new Model Y with greater autonomy, but curiously with a lower price compared to what exists today.

At the recent unveiling of the new Texas Gigafactory it was unclear what would distinguish the cars being made at this new location. It is normal for the brand to reveal some changes, even if they are discreet and not very useful for users.

Now everything seems to have become clearer and more direct to what has changed. It is known that Tesla will soon present a new model of the Model Y, with greater autonomy and a lower price than the models now available for purchase.

Tesla Model Y autonomy batteries Elon Musk

What distinguishes this new model is the autonomy that this car will have. The brand will equip this proposal with the new battery technology with 4680 cells, which will guarantee a new structure and a better configuration.

With this new configuration the new Model Y will achieve a range of 450 kilometers in a much smaller structure. These new batteries are larger than Tesla's normal proposals, but manage to have five times more capacity. Thus, and with fewer batteries, they get more kilometers and less occupied space.

Tesla Model Y autonomy batteries Elon Musk

Another novelty that this Model Y Standard Range AWD will bring is its price, which will be lower. With a base offer of $59,990, it will be about $3,000 cheaper than the current offer, the Model Y Long Range AWD.

For now this new Tesla seems to be limited in its sales and not accessible to the general public. Elon Musk's brand wants to guarantee access only to its employees, to whom it has already delivered some cars of this new model.

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