Tesla is selling karaoke microphone for its cars in China

Deepak Gupta January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 6:16 AM

THE Tesla has been selling its vehicles not only as a car for users, but also as something not so serious, where users can also have fun and spend time, whether in traffic or in a parking lot. Because of this, the company uses resources in its vehicles as a level hardware Playstation 5, which allows users to play games on them, but now it has gone a step further: it is wanting turn models’ infotainment into karaoke stations.

Celebrating Chinese New Year, the company announced the launch of its newest accessory, the microphone TeslaMic, which is currently only available in the Asian country.

Along with that, the company also presented the new karaoke platform called Leishi KTV, which is coming through a software update for the brand’s vehicle infotainment system. With that, the Tesla created a complete solution for drivers and passengers to have fun while singing in their cars.

The announcement of the novelty was made by the company through a video published on the official profile of the brand on weibo, which was sent to the Youtube by an unofficial account. As pointed out by Elektrek, using the platform Leishi KTV the company is following up on the resource karaoke‘ which was initially introduced in 2019 but which had a limited selection of songs available.

According to the company, the TeslaMic pairing happens automatically with the vehicle’s system, making it easier for users to use. The device is being sold by the company for US$ 188, R$ 1,015 in direct conversion, and with it comes a package with two microphones, allowing a duet between passengers.

This novelty is still restricted in China, the company has not said whether it intends to launch this novelty globally, or if it will at least reach vehicle owners in the United States.


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Source: Tesla, Engadget

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