Tesla ordered to pay more than 10 million dollars for the death of a young man

Deepak Gupta July 23, 2022
Updated 2022/07/23 at 12:34 PM

After 3 years of trial, Tesla was ordered to pay $10.5 million to the family of an 18-year-old who died in an accident with a Tesla electric car. Despite Tesla only being responsible for 1% of the accident, the jury found Tesla negligent in the 2014 Model S accident.

In this accident, which occurred in 2018, two of the 3 occupants of the vehicle died.

Tesla sentenced for 1% liability

In May 2018, two Fort Lauderdale teenagers were killed and a third was injured after the Tesla Model S, driven by 18-year-old Barrett Riley, crashed into a concrete wall at 187 km/h. as is reportedthe vehicle quickly caught fire after the accident, which is not uncommon after violent high-speed accidents, regardless of whether they are electric or thermal cars.

In 2019, Riley's family decided to sue Tesla over what they claim was a defective battery pack that led to the fire and that Tesla "failed to warn buyers of its vehicles of the dangerous state of the battery".

Furthermore, in the lawsuit filed by Riley's parents, it was mentioned that the car had a speed limiter installed at a Tesla service center two months before the accident. However, Riley apparently had it removed from another service center without her parents' knowledge. The victim's family also blames Tesla for this fact, as this change should not have happened.

3 years of trial until final verdict

This case ran through the courtrooms for 3 years before going to trial, but the jury has already given its verdict and, according to the Law 360granted the family 10.5 million dollars, although they could only put 1% liability on Tesla and the rest about Riley and his dad:

The jury found Tesla negligent for a 2014 Model S crash that killed two Florida teenagers and awarded the family $10.5 million. However, this payment is the result of only 1% liability and most of the blame was placed on the teenage driver and his father.

Tesla learns from mistakes

Shortly after the accident, Elon Musk's company released a new speed limiting feature in a software update dedicated to Riley. The feature allows any Tesla owner to introduce a speed limiter into their vehicles, rather than going through the company like the Riley family did.

Tesla originally commented on the lawsuit:

Our thoughts continue to be with the families affected by this tragedy. Unfortunately, no car could have withstood such a high-speed accident. Tesla's Speed ​​Limit Mode, which allows Tesla owners to limit their car's speed and acceleration, was introduced last year as an OTA update honoring our customer's son, Barrett Riley, who tragically passed away in the accident.

The company did not comment on the verdict.

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