Tesla recalls more than 817,000 cars for faulty seat belts

Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 2:46 PM

Tesla is once again grappling with large-scale software quality issues. THE Associated press reports Tesla has issued a recall for 817,143 cars due to a failure in seat belt bell functionality. All Model 3 and Model Y cars, as well as 2021 and newer Model S and Model X cars, have a “software error” that prevents the bell from sounding at startup if the bell has stopped and the seat belt has not been tight. You can find the problem just by closing the door right after exiting the vehicle, according to the recall notice.

The automaker plans to fix the seatbelt bug by releasing an over-the-air update sometime in early February. There are no reports of injuries and the visual seat belt alert still appears correctly. South Korean testers first discovered the issue on January 6, and Tesla decided a recall was necessary on January 25 after an investigation.

While this recall is relatively minor, its timing couldn’t be much worse for Tesla. It comes just days after a recall for a Full Self Driving bug, and while the NHTSA is investigating a series of incidents where cars using autopilot collided with emergency vehicles. A driver is also facing criminal charges for an autopilot-related accident. This in addition to recalls for physical problems, such as camera, trunk and suspension defects. Tesla doesn’t have a stellar reputation for quality right now, and the failure of the seat belt bell only reinforces that image.

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