That’s what Filip Pavlovic hopes for from the jungle camp

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 4:54 PM

Together with eleven other candidates, Filip Pavlovic (27) will move into the RTL jungle camp on January 21 (9:30 p.m. on RTL and RTL +). Born in Hamburg, he became known with his participation in the fifth season of the dating format “The Bachelorette”. He fought for the heart of Nadine Klein (36) in 2018, but in the end only made third place.

He fought hard to take part in the jungle camp: In the “Jungle Show”, a corona replacement format for the jungle camp 2021, he earned the “Golden Ticket” for “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” 2022. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, he reveals what he hopes to gain from his participation and how he wants to convince viewers of himself.

You won the “Golden Ticket” for the 2022 camp in “I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show”. Do you feel well prepared for South Africa?

Filip Pavlovic: I don’t think you can generally prepare for the jungle. Through the jungle show I was allowed to get a taste of it and see what can come my way. I think the real jungle gets three or four levels harder.

You won €50,000 on the show. There is also a fee and prize money for “I’m a star – get me out of here!” What are you going to do with the money?

Pavlovic: I think I’ll only think about it if it comes to that. But it has always been my wish to open a breakfast café.

What do you hope for from participating in the jungle camp 2022?

Pavlovic: For me, the jungle camp is the biggest TV show in Germany and of course I want to show a lot of myself. After all, many before me have shown that the show is a perfect springboard for further things.

What do you fear most when you think about past exams?

Pavlovic: I’d rather not mention that before it’s used against me again (laughs).

Every year there are quarrels among the participants. What would be an absolute no-go for you in the camp?

Pavlovic: When twelve different characters meet, it can happen that you argue. This is perfectly normal because not everyone can agree. A no-go: bullying, of course.

Lucas Cordalis and Harald Glööckler have also been candidates for a long time. Do you already know each other?

Pavlovic: I don’t know Lucas, I write with Harald on Instagram from time to time – a great guy. I look forward to getting to know Harald personally.

How do you rate the distribution of roles among the three of you?

Pavlovic: I think Lucas is very disciplined when it comes to the exams. In the camp he will tend to be the quieter person. You will definitely see more of Harald and me there (laughs).

With the right partner, things have not yet worked out for you. Could you also imagine a romance in the jungle camp?

Pavlovic: You can’t choose the place for love, so why shouldn’t it work there if the perfect one is going to be there?

What luxuries are you taking with you to South Africa?

Pavlovic: I’ll take earplugs and a pillow with me.

How would you like to convince the spectators in the jungle camp?

Pavlovic: With my good mood, my funny, silly nature and with funny exams.

You have already appeared in some reality formats. Which show would you also be interested in?

Pavlovic: “Lets Dance” and “Beat the Star” – these are two good shows that I would like to be part of. I’m not a star, but maybe an exception could be made (laughs).


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