The 3 best pedometer apps 2022: These pedometers are worth it

Deepak Gupta February 19, 2022
Updated 2022/02/19 at 5:41 AM

While you used to need additional devices to measure your daily movement, today a simple one is usually enough Pedometer app. You can find these pre-installed on most smartphones, but applications from third-party providers are particularly worthwhile, as they offer additional functions and features. In the following we will tell you which of them you should trust.

Pedometer apps for Android and iOS: why they are worth it

The pedometer apps, of which we present a selected number in more detail, do not come close to the precision and information content of a real fitness tracker. Nevertheless, they are developed enough to always give you a reliable and quick overview of your daily activity. Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day (even if the 10,000-steps-a-day rule is actually a myth).

There is no easier way to check this than on your cell phone. You always have your smartphone with you to install one of the many pedometer apps on it, so it’s worth it. This not only creates certainty that you will definitely reach this value, but at best also motivates you to move more. So if you are asking yourself which of the pedometer apps are worthwhile for you at all, we have the answer below.

Pedometer App #1: Pacer

Pacer is not just a simple pedometer app, but also offers you even more diverse fitness features within one application. The activity tracker always prevents you from letting your weaker self win. In addition, the application is kept simple and user-friendly, so you can get started right after downloading it.

Pacer not only keeps track of the steps you take, it also tracks stair steps. In addition, the app calculates how many calories you’ve burned and the distance you’ve covered in your active run time. Thanks to the GPS function, which is available as standard, you can even have the route displayed on a map afterwards. If you are only interested in the simple basic functions, you should be well served with the free version of the pedometer app.

Pedometer App #2: Google Fit

Not only the more than 50 million people who count on Google Fit as their pedometer app make the application one of the best of its kind. Above all, the possibilities that are offered thanks to her are convincing. In addition to counting your steps, Google Fit also allows you to display your individual training units, measure your heart rate and speed, track your route and calculate your average pace.

The free app not only works for your daily commute to work, but also reliably keeps an eye on your activity when jogging or even cycling. Setting goals on your own should give you an extra boost of motivation. Particularly cool: Google Fit complements other devices very well and is compatible with similar fitness apps such as Strava.

Pedometer App #3: StepsApp

The third pedometer app presented by us is called StepsApp and basically does exactly what its name suggests: It tracks your steps and above all it is as simple and uncomplicated as you can imagine. It already fulfills all desirable basic functions without further settings, but can be configured even more precisely via the menu with the help of information such as height, step length, weight and age of the user.

Before you really get started, you can set a daily goal that the app will always remind you of. If you then open the pedometer on your smartphone, you can easily see how much of it you have already accomplished. In addition, your burned calories are calculated and the distance in meters is displayed next to the time spent on it. You can ultimately display your results for the respective day, the corresponding week or even for the entire month.

More pedometer apps

In addition to the pedometer apps we have already presented in more detail, there are a whole handful of other applications that can be really worthwhile, depending on your preferences. On the one hand, we have the Running by Runtastic app developed by the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas, which can do much more than just count your steps. Its feature set is huge, which is guaranteed to earn it a place among the best fitness apps in general.

If you’re a big stats lover and can’t get enough of turning your workouts into numbers, then the Accupedo pedometer app is definitely for you. Reports and even graphical evaluations are in the foreground here, you even get a detailed summary of your activities in up to yearly intervals. We’ll tell you how you’re guaranteed to stay fit this year. And with the right fitness tracker in the test, your everyday sporting life will be even better.

Sources: own research

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