The absurd price of Starlink satellite internet

Deepak Gupta February 14, 2022
Updated 2022/02/14 at 9:47 PM

The Starlink satellite internet service was approved by Anatel here in Brazil, which guarantees its operation in our national territory. Although interesting, the news drew more attention for the price of the service than for the novelty. The first point is your monthly price. Anyone interested in maintaining the Starlink internet plan will need to pay R$530 per month just to maintain the subscription.

In addition, there are additional costs for installing the service. To work it is necessary to have your own equipment that is sold in a kit that reaches R$2670, as pointed out on the official website:

In addition, there is a freight cost, which for the Florianópolis region is R$365. But that still doesn’t include taxes, a calculation by the Internal Revenue Service that predicts 60% of the product’s value. So, adding up all the costs, the first month adds up to more than R$5000.

Despite a high value, it is clear that the technology remains useful, relevant, and does not reflect what the service will be forever. The trend is for the price to decrease over time. Not to mention that popularization makes prices fall even more.

Anyway, at first, this price is for those who are very curious to see how the technology works. It is also worth mentioning that the idea is to bring internet to regions that do not have wired internet or that the internet has very low speeds. More comments on this topic and the importance of Starlink in the video.


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