The aroma and flavor of the black truffle intoxicates Zaragoza with a unique gastronomic sample

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 13, 2021
Updated 2021/12/13 at 3:17 PM

It is difficult to obtain, preserve, and its properties and value are often unknown to many. The black truffle of Aragon is the culinary delights of good palates. And it is not for less and is that it is known worldwide, since the Community is the main producer of this black diamond, from which more than 100 tons are collected annually. And now, to put it in value, Zaragoza is going to host the 1st Black Truffle Show, which will be held this coming weekend (December 18 and 19) at Los Porches del Audiorama.

With the aim of publicizing a product of excellence, in this sample there will be eleven exhibitors in which visitors will be able to approach truffle growers and researchers specialized in this noble food. «We want the truffle to be known at all its levels. It is a very difficult product to obtain because optimal environmental conditions have to be met. Its shelf life is very short, so conservation also requires research. It is the best we have in Aragón and we must put it in value ”, assured this Monday the secretary of Truzarfa and the Federation of the Black Truffle D’Aragón, Carlos Arnaudas.

To open your mouth and accustom your palate to the peculiar flavor of black truffle, five establishments in the Porches del Audiorama will make dishes and tapas with this ingredient. Thus, the Da Claudio Pizzeria will prepare two pizzas, the Blue Duende tortilla tapas with truffle or a mounted pork tenderloin with foie shavings, the Tatin will make a very special truffle menu and the D’Jorge and La Terraza bars will do the same. .

For the truffle to acquire that flavor, it must be cold, very cold, especially at night and this food, unlike potatoes, breathes a lot and becomes stressed when it is taken out of the ground. In addition, dogs are the best allies to get the best ones. These and other data that you may not have known about this food will star in the talks that will take place on Saturday at 11:30 am by the hand of the CITA researcher, Pedro Marco. What is the black truffle? Aromas of truffles and what this food is and is not, as well as a workshop on how to truffle food, will be featured on the first day of the exhibition. On Sunday, this initiation workshop will be repeated at 12.30 pm and the chef of the restaurant El Foro, Pedro Martín, will give the keys to the use of truffles in the kitchen.

Attendees will also be able to get hold of black truffles that will be for sale at 850 euros per kilo, a price “neither very expensive nor very cheap considering that not much quantity is used for cooking,” Arnaudas assured. Thus, this exhibition highlights the gastronomic and experience tourism that is so in vogue and aims to make known one of the most valuable culinary treasures that Aragon has.

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