“The Bachelor”: A surprise kiss for outsider Emily

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 10:21 PM

The fifth episode of “The Bachelor” (also via RTL +) starts with the “worst date” in the life of Christina N. (27). For the Mexican Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead), Dominik (30) stands in a coffin with scary make-up. The women may (or must) tell him what they always wanted to tell him. For Christina N. the scenario is completely “over”. Jana-Maria (29) also feels uncomfortable. She even sheds tears.

Yasmin, on the other hand, uses the situation for a frontal attack. The 23-year-old has had little time with the bachelor and is now making a kind of declaration of love. As a reward, she is allowed to go on a single date with Dominik. The two dance in the streets, but (exceptionally) they don’t kiss.

In the meantime, there is a graveyard atmosphere in the women’s villa. Jana-Maria is in the pillory because she is said to have lied several times. She didn’t reveal that her bracelet was a gift from Dominik. Franziska (26) not only struggles with the fact that the bachelor has hardly noticed her so far. To make matters worse, she still has an earache.

Surprising kiss on a single date

As a result, Franziska misses the next group date. It’s going to the beach, playing beach volleyball and frolicking in the waves. Emily (23) gets the follow-up date. The Klagenfurt native had little time to get to know the bachelor due to an illness break. She is now catching up at record speed. She says that until now she has only ever lived for her partner. Only a toxic relationship made her rethink. “Wow, that sounds mature,” says Dominik. As fireworks go off in the background, they kiss…

Has the bachelor’s degree gone too far?

Nobody in the house would have expected such a quick kiss for the returnee. Least Jana-Maria, Nele (28) and Anna (33). They thought they were favorites so far. Emily doesn’t want to be friends with women, which makes things even more difficult. As the only candidate, she sees herself as a lone fighter. The other “chickens” are just “extras” for them.

With the lightning kiss for Emily, the bachelor has spanned the arc. The candidates agree on that. They want to give Dominik a bad look at the party in the evening. There are a few clarifying one-on-one meetings. At the latest when you splash about in the pool together, everything is forgotten.

Three women have to go

On the night of the roses, Dominik continues to appease. Nele and Anna get the first flowers. Emily only comes fourth. But we already know that from this bachelor: a kiss does not guarantee the first rose. Jana-Maria has to tremble for a particularly long time. She’s really mad.

Three candidates go away empty-handed this time. It caught Chiara M. (24), Valeria (22) and Christina Aurora (30). The latter had already suspected something like that. She expresses the suspicion that she falls through the cracks because of her “curvy” figure. The bachelor vigorously rejects this, but still sends her home.


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