“The Bachelor”: These 22 ladies are vying for Dominik Stuckmann

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 1:36 AM

When bachelor Dominik Stuckmann (29) is looking for happiness in the new season of the dome show “The Bachelor” (from January 26th, 8:15 pm on RTL), he can choose from 22 young women from Germany, Austria and Marbella. On Wednesday, the broadcaster announced the candidates who are competing in Mexico for the favor of the sporty businessman with residences in Gran Canaria and Frankfurt am Main.

Candidates for a long distance relationship

Jana-Maria (29) is among the 22 ladies who want to win the last red rose and thus the bachelor’s heart. “My biggest horror would be if the Bachelor doesn’t want to have a long-distance relationship,” says the entrepreneur from Marbella, Spain. She was born and raised in Baden-Baden, her best friend back then: Clea-Lacy (30), who received her last rose from Bachelor Sebastian Pannek (35) in 2017. The two are still in contact to this day. The two Austrians from Klagenfurt am Wörthersee could have similar concerns as Jana-Maria, but coordination assistant Claudia (24) is optimistic: “My dream is to meet the one who is meant for me.” And fitness trainer Emily (23) preoccupied with something completely different in the run-up to the show: “I hate it when people tell me what to do.”

Sex podcaster from the far north

Three candidates come from Hamburg: Anna (33), an employee in the public service, relies on naturalness: “Show off and pose are absolute no-gos!”, Says the oldest applicant of this season. Entrepreneur Nele (28) is also down-to-earth: “I have both feet on my feet and am more than ready.” Social media manager Susanna (27) with her own podcast, which revolves around love, sex and dating, is also present a socio-political statement: “Intolerance, homophobia and racism make me mad.” Bella (24), the trainee from Kiel, has a completely different focus: “The most important person in my life is myself,” she says.

Charismatic women from Munich and three Christinas

The Bavarian capital Munich is also represented three times in this 22nd season. Office clerk Bobette (26) already admits: “I can be a diva every now and then.” In contrast, the freelance photographer Christina Aurora (30) describes herself as follows: “I’m the perfect mix of lady and best buddy.” Finds really good apparently also Key Account Manager Christina N. (27), because she says: “I like everything about me – I’m perfectly imperfect” (German: “I am perfectly imperfect”). The third Christina in the field of candidates is called Christina R. (23) and is a sports and fitness clerk from Kaiserslautern. “I’m a real Palatine gossip”, she reveals about herself.

The chick faction

The chick among this year’s applicants for the Bachelor’s degree is called Giannina, is 21 years old and a student from Viersen. Despite her young age, she has long dreamed of the most beautiful day in her life: “The most important moment in my life? My wedding. I’ve been looking forward to it since I was little. ”Jenny (22), train attendants from Dortmund, are only one year older. Their motto is“ If you never go you will never know ” never experienced ”), and Valeria (22), a student from Berlin, who should have a small home advantage at the location:“ Sometimes my Mexican temperament gets over me, ”she warns.

There could be a crash here

Five other single ladies are bursting with self-confidence. Are the conflicts already programmed here? Elina (25), office management clerk from Bad Rappenau, says of herself: “I am honest, self-confident and know what I want.” Lara (23), a student from Memmingen, shows her energy level: “I can’t do anything with spontaneous bores Yasmin (23), a dual student from Fürth, seems to be the most sociable among the applicants: “You could expose me in the desert – I would still make new contacts.” Franziska (26), educator and Miss Election Queen from Kassel, has great self-confidence: “I’m not only beautiful, I also have something in my head.” And Josephine (25), marketing manager and fitness trainer from Rehren, warns with: “Only a zero has no rough edges.”

From mom to bridal stylist

Team assistant Natalie (24) from Erlangen seems to be a little gentler when she says of herself: “For people who are close to my heart, I immediately leave everything.” Vivian (28) from Moers is not just a model , but also mom: “Even as a single mother, you can make your dreams come true,” says the 1.79 meter tall beauty. And the Leipzig photographer and bridal stylist Irina (29) knows what she wants: “I want to be conquered in a very classic way.”

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