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Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2022
Updated 2022/01/24 at 12:45 PM

Germany loves coffee, according to “Statista” the average per capita consumption is 168 liters per year. It even leaves water (164 liters) and beer (94.6 liters) behind. Sweet or unsweetened, black or with a froth, Arabica or Robusta – the variety is great, also when it comes to preparation. These apps are for coffee connoisseurs and those who want to become one.

Everything worth knowing bundled

Several apps are dedicated to coffee knowledge, but there is only one larger collection in German: The app from the retail chain Tchibo has an integrated coffee lexicon that collects the most important terms from A for departure to Z for certification. “Tchibo” is available free of charge for Android and iOS, the only disadvantage: the reference work is well hidden in the app, those who are interested have to click through to the encyclopedia via “further services”.

Those who are not put off by a language barrier will find the most important ones in English in apps such as “Barista Coffee Dictionary A – Z” (Android / iOS), “Coffeemania – coffee recipes” (Android) or “Coffee Barista Dictionary Pro” (Android). Terms and everything worth knowing from the world of coffee.

The best preparation

There are plenty of apps that deal with the preparation of coffee, including “Brew Timer: Make Great Coffee” (Android), “Cofi – Brew Timer (Android) or “” (Android / iOS) . They all work in a similar way, first users select the preparation method before they enter information about the amount of water and coffee. The apps also provide recommendations for the correct degree of grinding and the ideal water temperature, and the integrated timer specifies the ideal brewing time. Because many of the applications are in English by default, European users often have to convert temperature and quantity units to the metric system first.

coffee recipes

Whether from a French press, a mocha pot or as filter coffee: there is a suitable coffee recipe for every preparation method. The recipe collection from “Chefkoch” offers the largest selection: there are more than 4,000 recipes under the keyword coffee, which puts most of the coffee recipe apps in the shade.

If an espresso serves as the basis for the coffee drink, it is worth taking a look at the “Espresso Coffee Guide” (Android) . The app is kept simple and clear and breaks down the proportions of the ingredients as a chart at first glance. The “Tchibo”, “Coffeely” (Android / iOS), “Coffee Recipes” (Android) or “Coffee Drinks” (Android) apps also contain recipes and inspiration for your own coffee preferences.

Foam art for beginners and advanced

Pouring milk froth into the cup in such a way that small works of art are created has become an increasing trend in recent years. There is hardly a barista who has not at least mastered the basics of “latte art”. Several apps take on the foam brawl: The app “Latte Art: Home Learning” (Android) explains the basics and is aimed at beginners through to professionals. On the other hand, if you are just looking for inspiration for milk art, you can browse the galleries of the lesser-known apps “Latte Art” (Android) or “Latte art design ideas” (Android). What these apps have in common is that they are available free of charge and without registration.

Read the coffee grounds?

By far the most popular coffee app seems a bit bizarre, at least when it comes to the absolute number of downloads. More than ten million people have already downloaded the “Kaave” app from Google’s Playstore alone. She should read from the proverbial coffee grounds and predict the future from a photo of the coffee grounds that was sent in. According to a counter on the “Kaave” homepage, this has already been used 1.5 billion times, with half a million users using the app every day. “Kaave” is free for Android and iOS, but can only be used after creating an account. There is no German language version so far.


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