The best features of Microsoft Teams

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 23, 2022
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The Best Microsoft Teams Features

The Features of Microsoft Teams are many and varied, it is one of the best ways that allows users to chat, call and share videos just from one place, which helps you to stay connected with others in a way effective.

Due to the various tools provided by Microsoft, Teams facilitates the transition to inclusive online education using distance learning tools and keeps students engaged with shared documents and files.

that you used Microsoft Teams for educational, professional or other purposes, you can always stay connected and access shared content at any time to learn, plan and create collectively.

Here is a set of the best features of Microsoft Teams, noting that some of these features are only available on “Windows – Mac” desktop devices included in the Office 365 Business or Education subscription and that you won’t find all of them on the web apps, mobile apps, or in the Microsoft Teams Free Personals.

The best features of Microsoft Teams

Breakout rooms – Breakout rooms

Break rooms or break rooms are basically small sub-meeting rooms connected to another large meeting.

Licrosoft Teams - Breakout RoomEach sub-room contains most of the usual meeting features, including audio and video communication for participants, instant chat, and screen sharing capabilities.

These rooms are useful for bringing together small teams responsible for certain aspects to consult and discuss with each other separately during the main meeting.

It can also be used to place participants into breakout rooms to facilitate discussions before bringing everyone back to the main meeting.

Subroom Managers can rename rooms, set breakout time limits, enter and exit all the different breakout rooms, and send announcements to subrooms.

All you have to do is click on the side rooms icon in the top bar next to the “raised hand” icon, and a window will appear allowing you to specify how many side rooms you want and how to divide the number of participants in these rooms, knowing that you can create a maximum of 50 side rooms.

Interactive whiteboard

Microsoft Teams has long been integrated into the Whiteboard application of Microsoft so that meeting participants can collaborate on a shared virtual whiteboard in real time. Team members can add text, images, graphics, notes, drawings, and more. on the interactive whiteboard.

In the latest version of the application, this feature has been improved by adding more than 40 new templates, the ability to insert images, documents, interaction icons and many inking improvements.

To launch the Whiteboard application during a meeting, simply click on the content sharing icon in the top bar and then choose Microsoft Whiteboard As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this feature is only available to Office 365 for business or education subscribers and is not available in the free individual version.

Live Captions – Microsoft Teams Features

One of best features of Microsoft Teams is the ability to read captions in real time, allowing you to rely on artificial intelligence to know what others are saying during the meeting by typing.

This feature is very useful for people who are not fluent in the language spoken during the meeting, because what the speaker speaks appears written on the screen. Note that it is accessible to all users, whether in the free or paid versions of the application.

Highlight a participant

If there are many participants in a meeting Microsoft Teams and you want to highlight a specific person in the meeting so that everyone sees the speaker and the screen width, you can highlight it.

Once you highlight someone, their video in the meeting window will be highlighted for all participants, and you can highlight up to seven people at a time.

Note that the “highlight” feature is available to all users in either the free or paid versions, but you should note that it will only work if the meeting view is set to default, and it will not appear if the meeting is being recorded where the person who is highlighted will not have the light on it visible in the final recording.

Present PowerPoint slides in a unique way

A better way to present a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting is to show specific slides without having to go through them all. At the top right of the meeting window, click the Share content icon.

In the panel that opens, scroll down to the “PowerPoint Live” section, then select the PowerPoint file you want to present.

After uploading the PowerPoint file, you’ll see the slide presented to participants in the main area of ​​your screen, with a strip of thumbnails of the other slides at the bottom of the window.

You can click on any thumbnail to go directly to that slide.

Below the slide that is presented, there is a grid view icon (with several boxes), click on this icon or press the “G” key, and the thumbnails of the slides will be arranged in a grid. You can click on any of these tiles to show it to meeting participants.

Meeting participants viewing a PowerPoint Live presentation in Microsoft Teams will also see a grid view icon, which they can use to navigate to any slide in the group, then click the Sync to Presenter icon to return to the currently displayed slide.

Presenter View

This feature combines a video feed and a document or photo that you provide to other meeting participants for them to view in one of three ways:

  • Standout mode : removes your background and replaces it with your content
  • Reporter mode : Displays top right content in a layout similar to what you see in TV news when the announcer is on screen
  • Side-by-side mode : Displays your video and content side by side.

To enable this feature, head to the top left of the meeting window, then click on the content sharing icon, and under “Chairman Mode” choose the presentation style that suits you.

Call quality control

If the audio or video during the meeting is choppy or not working at all, you can check the cause by checking the call quality in the app.

All you have to do is press the “three horizontal dots in the top bar” menu button and then click Call Health.

In the sidebar of the application, you will see various technical network conditions such as audio, video, screen sharing, and you will be notified of existing issues such as internet connection speed, sound issues , etc

Meeting Summary – Microsoft Teams Features

After the meeting, it is useful to come back to the most important points that have been discussed and to review the files presented.

The auto-generated meeting summary feature includes notes taken and files shared during the meeting, as well as video recording if the meeting organizer has enabled this feature.

An attendance report is also included and can be downloaded as a CSV file. You can view the summary by going to the meeting’s discussion tab.

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