The Best Vault Apps of 2021

Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 8:37 PM

Privacy is a fundamental right in all aspects of life. Keys for newspapers, safes to keep money and even have a lock in the closet so that your brother does not wear your clothes. The topic of personal safety is very broad, but we will focus on the safety of our mobile devices and basically the best Vault apps. Thanks to our mobiles we can store a number without data numbers in a trouser pocket, as long as it allows us to store them.

Have you ever lent your phone “just a moment”, so that your friends see a photo and they stay looking at your entire gallery? It is a shameful case if you have information among them that you do not want anyone to see. That’s where the so-called Vault comes in, which are applications that allow you to protect data that you do not want to be public. With these vaults, (Spanish translation), you can lend your phone with confidence, without fear that important data may be erased, private information exposed or you simply need to hide messages that you do not want anyone to see.

In this article we will show you the best vault apps of 2021 for iOS devices and available for free. Not only to hide photos and videos, but also contacts, messages, files, among other options that you will surely take full advantage of.

Private Photo Vault

Photo taken from Apple Store

It is one of the simplest and safest applications to hide your multimedia files. After selecting the folders to hide or the photos and videos manually, you must provide a password or lock pattern that will allow you to view those items. Any person who incorrectly types the password will be registered within the vault, since the application will create a snapshot of the false owner. In addition, it sends a photo to the email with the GPS location of the phone and has sometimes been used to recover locked or lost devices. The use of its functions is unlimited and free. If you want to download it here I offer you the link.

Secret Photos – KYMS

Secret Photos-KYMS
Photo taken from Apple Store

Although its name indicates that its use is for photos, this application covers much more than it seems. It is an inviolable vault that allows you to encrypt and hide multimedia files, documents or passwords. It also allows you to protect and hide those applications that you have with linked bank accounts or with the data and permissions for online purchases. It also has a function called panic gesture that when you cover the screen with your hand or close the cover of the case, it closes and exits any application that you have open at that moment. These are the functionalities for free, since they have a payment option that allows you to hide contacts, recordings, Touch-Id start, among others. It can be downloaded directly from this link.


Photo taken from Apple Store

One of the most used applications and it has thousands of loyal users due to its simple and safe use. It allows you to password protect the applications that you consider private and not only those downloaded by the user, but also the default ones such as the gallery, messaging and contacts. In addition, it includes the ability to send and receive secret encrypted messages and use the Internet browser privately. This application is very difficult to find, as it has additional protection that allows it to disguise itself with the icon of another application or to disappear it from the phone. It will only be possible to reactivate it with a code that you define when configuring the application. It is free and does not require an upgrade to Premium for it to work properly. I was able to download it by clicking this link.

Safe lock

Photo taken from Apple Store

With a score of 4.8 out of 5 in the Apple app store, Safe Lock becomes a security fortress for your data. In addition to the common protections offered by this type of application, it has another variety of functionalities that have been very popular with iOS users, such as:

  • It allows the transfer of your private data via Wi-Fi to other trusted devices.
  • Possibility of putting up to 7 types of passwords that go from the simplest as lock patterns to facial recognition.
  • Email password recovery in case you forget it.
  • Photos and videos can be taken directly from the app’s built-in camera, so newly taken snapshots are saved directly to your vault.
  • Absolutely no one has access to your data, all the saved items remain only on your device.

Vault one of the best applications

Photo taken from Apple Store

Vault is another option for those who want to hide their data. Currently there are several million users who use it to protect their privacy and the most interesting thing is that it has the possibility of saving your data in the cloud in an encrypted way. This functionality is of great importance in case you need to reset your phone for reasons beyond your control or for other reasons you lose your private information. In addition, you do not have to worry about security, since only you can download and view this data stored in the cloud with your personal password. Another curious function is that the icon disguises itself as a camera and is capable of showing the interface to take some photos. Among other options we have:

  • The ability to create contacts privately and all your SMS and call logs are kept in this way.
  • You can hide the icon from the system applications and it will only be visible again when you enter the password correctly.
  • Take a photo, the date and the code entered by all the intruders who try to put a wrong password.

Best Secret Folder

Photo taken from Apple Store

It is not the least important because it is the last. This app as its name indicates best secret folder (translated into Spanish) is a very simple vault that keeps your data very secure in the simplest way. Its icon disguises itself as an application folder called My utilities and to be able to open it a password defined by you is necessary and it allows unlocking through FaceID or TouchID. It has an easy-to-understand view, which even users less familiar with the technologies can use without problems. Among the main functions it includes adding photos or videos, contacts and passwords. You just have to select the desired option and search your device for what you want to protect and that’s it. Simple isn’t it? Well this is it, by following these simple steps you can have all the security you want.

Summarizing a bit

After analyzing and delving into the most used vault-type applications to protect your data, it only remains to know what you want to hide or what type of information you want to protect. If you got this far, you discovered that in essence most of these applications have several functions in common. For this reason, it is advisable to focus mainly on the differences between them, to choose the one that best suits your needs. Of course, always taking into account that there are hidden administrator applications, both on Android and iOS that pretend to be this type of tool and yet are malware that affects the operation of your phone. For this reason it is important to always install from reliable sources such as the official Apple store.

The list is done, and if you do not want to install any for now, this article at least serves as a push to know some of the best tools to protect your data.

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