The DPZ seeks a home for the 70 dogs of its animal protection center

Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 2:32 PM

The Zaragoza Provincial Council is looking for a home for the 70 dogs that its animal protection center currently houses, collected when they wandered without an owner through the municipalities of the province. Most of these dogs have been abandoned and some of them have been in the facility for up to six years. For this reason, the DPZ wants to encourage the population to adopt responsibly in the face of the Christmas holidays and alert to what the abandonment of these animals entails.

«I want to send a message to ask for citizen collaboration. If you help us to spread responsible adoptions, we can find a home for these animals, since some of them have been in our facilities since 2015. Here they are in the best hands, but they need a family ”, highlighted the deputy delegate of the DPZ animal protection center, Miguel Sanz, who also recalls that the adoptions of these dogs are“ totally free ”.

The animal protection center of the Diputación de Zaragoza currently welcomes about twenty dogs in its facilities, while the rest are outsourced to animal associations. “Here they are cured if they have any injuries, they are cared for and the mandatory chip is implanted. Thanks to the great work of the workers, who take them out for a walk, play with them and give them affection, these animals are very well cared for, but they need to be adopted ”, explains the deputy.

As Sanz recalled, Christmas is usually a time when many people make the decision to include a pet in their family nucleus or to give a dog to a friend or acquaintance “without knowing for sure if that person is going to be willing to take care of it. ”. “For this reason, from the Diputación de Zaragoza we want to warn citizens that adopting a dog is a decision that must be thought through very well and above all being aware at all times of the great responsibility that it entails. We want to avoid at all costs the cases of animal abandonment or even their mistreatment, since they are totally unacceptable behaviors and that have legal consequences ”, the deputy stressed.

Most of them are PPP

Most of the dogs in the center are potentially dangerous (PPP); they are very old; and / or have some pathology, all of this complicates and slows down their adoption process, despite the fundamental support provided by animal associations.

These PPP dogs are crosses of breeds such as Pit Bull, Bull Terrier or American Stanford that have been in the center for between two and five years. Their adoption is proving complicated because, although the vast majority of them have a very good character with people, they are more unpredictable with other dogs and above all they require that their owner has a license for their possession.

Adoptions are free

Since 2012, the Diputación de Zaragoza does not charge anything to those who adopt one of the animals that are cared for in the center. In this way, the adoption process is facilitated, making it clear that the priority is to promote responsible adoptions and with all the legal requirements.

All the dogs that are collected by the province are treated by the veterinarians of the center, who carry out an examination, cure them of possible diseases or injuries that they may present, in addition to deworming them internally and externally and vaccinating them. Once these steps are taken, the process of finding owners for the dogs begins.

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