The first Russian laptop is very similar to Apple’s Macbook Pro

Deepak Gupta August 12, 2022
Updated 2022/08/12 at 11:16 AM

As Russia’s war against Ukraine continues, so do the harsh sanctions of various companies and countries on the government of Vladimir Putin. These same sanctions forced the invading country to readjust its operating dynamics and, with regard to the technological sector, Russia had to start finding alternatives.

As such, we recently learned that the country has started to create its first portable computer, designated Bitblaze Titan BM15, with the Russian Baikal-M1 processor. And the latest information indicates that finally Russia has this machine ready, and it has many similarities with Apple’s Macbook Pro.




First Russian laptop is a copy of Apple's Macbook Pro?

Even before the war against the Ukrainian people, Russia would have more or less stitched together a design of what would be its first portable computer. But the conflict accelerated this process even more. And months after the beginning of the war, on February 24th, Vladimir Putin's country finally shows the final result of its portable Bitblaze Titan BM15 that brings with it the Baikal-M1 processor, also created in Russia.

However, this notebook has features very similar to Apple's Macbook Pro, and one can ask the question whether Russia did it on purpose, as a kind of provocation, or if, on the contrary, it was mere coincidence. But even both processors have 'M1' in the name. However, and despite that, this certainly won't be a Macbook killer... at least for now.

In the publication by Iana Brich, commercial director of Prombit, which is the company behind the Bitblaze brand, the executive display the laptop and mentions that:

I have a legend on my hands: a pre-production sample of the Bitblaze Titan, the laptop based on the Baikal-M1 processor is ready.

It is further stated that the device has a very decent build quality, with a slim aluminum frame and a light weight. Iana has tested several programs, such as some professional programs and YouTube, and says that everything works very well and the battery lasts about five hours. But he adds that there are still some tweaks and tests to be done before the official launch.

A question that also arises is how Russia managed to get around the issue of blocking access to electronic chips for the construction of this equipment? As such, some sources are of the opinion that the country had already considered the possibility of these sanctions when it was defining the strategy of the invasion of Ukraine and, in this way, prepared itself in advance to be able to have its first laptop without depending on countries. the 3rd.

What to expect from the Russian Bitblaze Titan BM15 laptop?

The Bitblaze Titan BM15 then has the SoC Baikal-M1 with 8 cores at 1.5 GHz, 8 MB of L3 cache and ARM Cortex-A57 architecture. Therefore, it is a chip with old technology compared to what the industry currently offers, with TSMC's 28 nm manufacturing process. In mid-April we also reported that the Russian government intended to produce 28nm chips by the year 2030.

The Russian machine has a size of 15.6 inches, an IPS FHD screen and a capacity of 16 GB of RAM SODIMM DDR4, capable of going up to 128 GB. As for the internal storage, this is in charge of a PCIe SSD ranging from 250 GB to 512 GB. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-C and USB-A connectors, HDMI port, among others.

This first Russian laptop could be launched before the end of the year and prices are expected to range from US$1,375 to US$1,650 excluding VAT.

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