The flood floods entire orchards in Pradilla, but the water level drops ten centimeters

Deepak Gupta December 13, 2021
Updated 2021/12/13 at 6:58 PM

Much more tranquility in Pradilla de Ebro after the passage of the flood through the town. The water level has dropped by around four inches, the situation has been controlled and stabilized, and the danger is now less. This is explained by the mayor of the municipality, Raúl Moncín, who, however, recognizes that “practically all of the garden” has been flooded. “It is a flooded area and you have to open the floodgates when the flood comes,” he clarifies.

After a “very hard” night in which the residents have felt “fear” due to the possible arrival of more water to the town because this Sunday afternoon was very complicated, finally no evacuation had to be carried out. In this sense, the mayor recalls that they only had to evict people with reduced mobility during Saturday afternoon “in case we should act quickly in case the outlook had worsened.”

Moncín remarks that the entire sports complex, which includes the park, the soccer field, the swimming pools and several tracks, has been filled with water. However, until the level is lowered, an assessment of the real cost of the damage caused cannot be carried out. “Right now the worst is over, the height of the water is decreasing and the situation is moderating,” he says relieved.

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