The impact of computers and the Internet on our lives … Will robots replace labor power?

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 30, 2021
Updated 2021/12/30 at 2:53 PM

The impact of computers and the Internet on our lives … Will robots replace labor power?

Computers and their uses have developed rapidly and on a large scale all over the world, they are accustomed to dealing with many tasks due to their different capabilities, making its presence with the Internet an essential factor in helping people to solve the problems of everyday life, and the completion of work at high speed has become one of the advantages of having a computer in our life.

Computer and Internet have had a greater impact on our lives because it is a way to save money, time and effort. To understand the depth of computer intervention in human life, we must realize the extent of developments that have occurred in the fields of communication, education, equipment and healthcare, up to what the pioneers of makeshift rooms available in the Middle East are moving from the field to online competitions.

Over the past three decades, the computer has been recognized as the most life-changing invention in solving problems in human life. Look at the education, health, transport or communications sector. We can see the impact of the banking system all linked to the Internet, even the armies and the military. It is difficult to continue working without using a computer and relying directly or indirectly on the Internet in this modern world.

The computer has been disrupted in all spheres of human life such as cell phones, television programs, the establishment of electronic supermarkets, hospitals, railways, marriage, stock trading, shopping in line, banking, sports, traffic control, security monitoring systems, employment, robotics to enter the era of artificial intelligence.

The connection of communication in human life with the computer

The Internet has brought people closer together and facilitated communication between them through email, chat, video conferencing, cell phones and social media. It saves time, effort and money over old communication media before the computer impacted human life. .

Nowadays, we rarely use handwritten letters, put them in envelopes and forward them over long distances, as most of us have email and social media accounts.
The Internet has a tremendous capacity to disseminate ideas and influence the public opinion of entire societies. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become one of the main culprits in triggering many violent incidents that the world has witnessed from early 2011 until today.

If there is no exaggeration, our younger generation has become addicted to using these modern tools provided by the internet. The majority of college students can’t go a day without logging into at least one social networking site. Even the owners of prohibited activities in some of our Arab countries such as betting, have become They rely on the Internet as a means of attracting and attracting young Arabs and influencing them to participate in these competitions prohibited by Islam and criminalized by law, by advertising gaming rewards with the aim of attracting as many players as possible to online gaming platforms.

Not only that .. but the fear that the job market will be destroyed due to the ubiquitous role of the internet in all fields, has started to intensify in light of the development of artificial intelligence technology which has caused the overhaul of workplaces, and everyone wonders with a suspicious eye, when will robots replace work?!.

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