The most spectacular celebrity commercials at the Super Bowl

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 4:55 AM

Around $7 million for 30 seconds. According to media reports, this is how much companies paid to be there with a commercial during the breaks in the Super Bowl 2022 – even if half of America is then in the toilet. The corporations have been happily relying on megastars for many years. Also at the 56th final of the American football league NFL, the big brands splashed out and signed top-class celebrities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus for BMW

Arnold Schwarzenegger (74) becomes Zeus for BMW. The megastar embodies the father of the gods who is retiring from Olympus to Palm Springs, California. But even there he doesn’t get any rest, because he has to constantly donate electricity to his fellow human beings with his lightning bolts. He only finds his peace with an electric BMW. His wife Hera also plays a star with Salma Hayek (55).

dr Evil Mike Myers saves the world for General Motors

Like BMW, General Motors also promotes its electronics division. Actor Mike Myers (58) slips into his iconic role of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies. The villain doesn’t want to destroy the world here, but save it with electric cars. before he can destroy them.

Kanye West at the McDonalds drive through counter

Kanye West (44) was in the audience at the Super Bowl – and was even booed. When he appeared on the stadium screen, viewers expressed their displeasure at his tirades against estranged wife Kim Kardashian (41). His appearance in the McDonald’s advertisement was perhaps better received. In the clip, the rapper is part of a line of people who can’t make up their minds in front of the fast food chain’s drive-thru counter. Except that the artist, unlike the normal people, drives up in a gigantic truck.

Demi Moore vs. Mila Kunis

AT&T confronts Demi Moore (59) with Mila Kunis (38). In the telecom giant’s ad, the two actresses believe they’ll be voted most admirable graduate at a high school reunion. But the divas get nothing. But the title goes to a certain Anna Gomez, who has the fastest internet ever. On stage, Moore and Kunis realize they have a lot in common. An allusion to Ashton Kutcher (44), husband of Mila Kunis and ex of Demi Moore.

Scarlett Johansson: Amazon’s Alexa reads minds

Amazon sent Scarlett Johansson (37) into the race. The actress plays herself alongside her real-life husband, comedian Colin Jost (39). In the spot, the actress imagines what would happen if Amazon’s voice recognition software Alexa could read her husband’s mind. This leads to all sorts of embarrassing situations.

Snoop Dogg fires Bic

Despite allegations of sexual abuse, Snoop Dogg (50) was not only allowed to appear in the halftime show. The rapper was also present with an advertisement for BIC. The rapper, together with presenter Martha Stewart (80), advertised a lighter – including allusions to his notorious marijuana use.


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