The roadside terraces will continue in Zaragoza in 2022 and some will have to install sound level meters

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta December 8, 2021
Updated 2021/12/08 at 11:16 PM

The terraces on the roads will continue throughout next year, although the hoteliers of Zaragoza will pay for the square meters they use and not for the number of pedestals as was done previously. Municipal regulations will also require that all establishments physically mark the area they have authorized on the ground, for better control in case of inspection.

In addition, with the arrival of 2022, many terraces in Zaragoza will have to return part of the public space to pedestrians. The expansion that was allowed due to the Covid health crisis expires at the end of this year and establishments will not be able to occupy more than 60% of the available pedestrian area in city squares.

The layout of the terraces must maintain a continuous pedestrian crossing in a straight line of 1.80 meters wide along the road and, in addition, when the sidewalk has a free width greater than four meters, it must be left for pedestrian traffic, half the width of the sidewalk.

Installation of sound level meters on large terraces

In addition, the City Council will force the installation of sound level meters in the largest tables to control noise, a measure that hoteliers have not liked who ask that it not be applied.

Specifically, terraces with more than 25 square meters of surface must have this tool, to measure the noise level. Thus, the hoteliers themselves will be able to verify that they do not exceed the maximum authorized levels or adopt the necessary measures to limit the inconvenience to the neighbors.

The head of Public Services, Natalia Chueca, stressed that these measures are aimed at improving coexistence. “The terraces, which are now a highly visible element of our city, give it joy, allow us all to have a good time, but they also have to contribute to improving the image of the city and facilitate coexistence between all parties”, has pointed out.

Monitoring Commission on December 21

On December 21, a Monitoring Commission will be held that will bring together all the affected parties. There, the hoteliers will propose the elimination of the sound level meter as they consider it “ineffective”. They will also ask to extend the hours of the terraces one more hour on weekends.

The president of the Association of Cafes and Bars of Zaragoza and Province, José María Marteles, believes that this device is not effective and fears that it will be used as a collection measure based on fines. “We have to be the ones who convince and educate our clients of night watches so that the neighbors are not disturbed,” he said.

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