Theatrical release “Scream”: That’s what Ghostface’s new murder series is all about

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 6:20 PM

Ghostface is back! 25 years after the masked killer first sought the life of Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell, 48), he is sharpening his long knives again on January 13th. The strip, only entitled “Scream”, is already the fifth part of Wes Cravens (1939-2015) creation. Read here what horror fans can expect.

“Sam” instead of “Sid”? It’s all about this

The plot of the fifth “Scream” part also starts exactly 25 years after the first series of murders in the tranquil US nest of Woodsboro. Again an unknown killer in a ghost mask calls young victims just before he brutally slaughters them. And again, Sidney, Gale Riley (Courteney Cox, 57) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette, 50) are drawn into the action.

But “something about this killer is different,” says former Cop Dewey in the trailer. What is new, in any case, is that for the first time the murderer does not seem to be primarily targeting the main characters in the first four parts. Instead, the focus is on the young Samatha “Sam” Carpenter (Melissa Barrera, 31) and her friends and family. Or, as “Sid” puts it: “I’ve been through this before. Very often. This is your life now. And that means: whoever it is, he won’t stop chasing you. “

Where is the connection?

Followers of the series know only too well that the revelation of the killer in the end has always brought to light a person close to Neve Campbell’s character – whether her boyfriend, his mother, a secret half-brother or a jealous cousin. Will part five break with this tradition for the first time? As it was said in part four regarding the rules for a classic horror remake: “The unexpected is the new cliché.”

Speaking of rules: They give Sidney, Dewey and Gale the fresh meat of the new part to spare it a similar fate as the countless victims from parts one to four. It will of course not work. In any case, a high body count is ensured in view of the talented cast. In addition to Barrera (“In the Heights”), Jack Quaid (29, “The Boys”), Mason Gooding (25, “Love, Victor”), Dylan Minnette (25, “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”) and Jasmin Savoy Brown (27, “The Leftovers”) is part of the party.

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