There are a lot more Apple apps that you can remove from your iPhone with iOS 16

Deepak Gupta June 13, 2022
Updated 2022/06/13 at 7:06 AM

When Apple showed the new iOS 16 in the last WWDC Keynote, it revealed a range of very interesting news. This system now has new features and new capabilities, which will soon reach everyone.

Even so, much remains to be revealed and has been discovered in recent days, as a result of the first test version for programmers. The latest discovery showed that after all iPhone users can now remove even more apps with iOS 16.

Since 2016, with the arrival of iOS 10, Apple has changed its policy regarding system apps. With this version, it became possible to remove some apps that users could not use, being limited in number.

Over time this number has increased, giving users even greater freedom in managing space on the iPhone. Of course, these can easily be brought back to iOS, just by installing the apps again, always via the App Store.

With iOS 16, this list is updated again, now with new apps that Apple chose to remove. This time, and with this new version, they will be able to remove the Find, Health and Clock app.

As far as the Find My app is concerned, deleting doesn't turn off built-in features like Find My Friends. A message alerts the user that any people, devices or items associated with their Apple ID will still be there after the app and that users can still manage these options in Settings.

iOS 16 iPhone apps remove

However, and as expected, iOS and the user can no longer locate other devices and accessories, such as AirTags, without having the app installed. As before, apps can be brought back with their installation via the App Store.

With this new feature, only a few native Apple apps are missing that cannot be removed. So, the iPhone gets the Phone, Safari, Messages and App Store apps that remain permanent and fixed, at least until Apple decides that these too can be uninstalled.

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