There are more news on WhatsApp! Now focused on user privacy

Deepak Gupta June 18, 2022
Updated 2022/06/18 at 12:30 AM

Following many new features already presented, WhatsApp has now decided to bring some more. These are ready to be used and bring many new features to this messaging service, which has more and more users.

These news focus on two increasingly important areas where users want improvements. We talk about privacy and group calls, which are increasingly used for users to communicate.

Meta has been very focused on bringing news to WhatsApp in many areas. These appear at a high rate and with great interest for users, as they are widely expected and requested by everyone.

One of most recent news comes to address part of WhatsApp's privacy issue. Users can now choose who they want to show their profile picture to, their last online time and their profile.

There is now a new option to show this information, called My contacts except.... This ensures that when you were online, your profile picture, biography or status will be available to the contacts in your contact list, except those you delete.

In addition, there is another improvement, now for group calls, increasingly used in WhatsApp to communicate. These now have the possibility of giving users the ability to mute a user who is abusing the microphone.

In addition, and in the same calls, it is now possible to send messages directly to the parties involved in that call. Finally, and to show the gifts, users can now be notified of new entries in the conversation if the list of participants is too long.

With these news, WhatsApp receives new features, which will further elevate this service. They cover two areas that users are most focused on and want to improve so they can use WhatsApp even better.

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