There are one more batch of Xiaomi smartphones that lose support for MIUI updates

Deepak Gupta June 6, 2022
Updated 2022/06/06 at 9:37 AM

Xiaomi has done a unique job when it comes to updates. The brand bets on MIUI and this has been brought to its smartphones, in many cases already a few years old and with limits compared to what would be expected.

Of course, support is not eternal and there are times when support ends. Xiaomi has now presented a new list of smartphones that will lose support for MIUI and thus stop being updated in the future.

All brands are expanding support for updates on their smartphones. These last longer so they are up to date for a longer period and without any limitation. Xiaomi follows this movement and its smartphones are among the ones that receive the most updates.

Still, from what can be seen, there are more smartphones that will no longer have access to new MIUI updates. this list has now been extended and has a few more branded devices, which thus lose new features.

The list in the case of Xiaomi is reduced, but these now join the smartphones and other equipment that were already there. We see the previous model of Xiaomi's tablet reaching its end of life and losing support from MUIU. There is also the Mi Play and the Mi 9 SE.

Xiaomi MIUI updates Redmi smartphones

On the Redmi side, the list is longer and has 6 models reaching EOL, that is, its end of support at various levels. The most visible of all will be the fact that there will be no MIUI updates in the future.

Although not to the liking of most, this is an inevitable list and one that will continue to grow over time. The age and aging of Xiaomi smartphones will lead to many more losing MIUI support and thus no longer receiving updates.

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