There’s more malware on Android! It’s better to remove these apps from your smartphone now

Deepak Gupta June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 12:30 AM

Even with a great control that it already applies in the Android store, Google has not gotten rid of malware in its mobile operating system. Malware has grown and affected more and more users.

The campaigns seem to grow and take over Android, with constant and recurring alerts. There is a new one in progress and it brings another batch of infected apps with malicious behavior. So, and if you have one of these apps present, it’s best to remove them right away.

Android has always been a system exposed to security issues, which usually come via the apps that are installed. If the vast majority results from the use of external stores, some enter via Google's Play Store itself.

The search giant has been improving its app evaluation system and trying to correct existing flaws. Still, the problems insist on staying on Android and putting users at risk.

Android malware Google smartphone problem

The most recent issue found came from a batch of apps, which once again appeared normal and malware-free. They propagate the well-known threats Hydra and Joker, which have already done so much damage to Android, stealing data from users and their apps.

This time the problem report came from SecneurX companythat has announced on twitter the malicious apps. Most of these apps have already been removed from the Android Play Store, but some are still present and have more than 50,000 installations.

Android malware Google smartphone problem

Of course, the procedure to follow in this case is to remove Android apps and pay special attention to abnormal behavior. The focus is on data theft, but usually this type of malware also tries to display advertising and other measures.

Once again it is clear that Google needs to improve its store and ensure that the apps present there are safer. Only with this analysis can you avoid problems of this type that put users and their smartphone data at risk

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