Thermomix alternatives: 3 devices are good and cheap

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
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A Vorwerk Thermomix is ​​a must for many people in the kitchen, as it is the ideal kitchen helper that not only cooks, bakes and prepares, but can also access recipes from the Internet. Unfortunately, the device is also disproportionately expensive. Luckily there are cheap ones Thermomix alternatives, which we present to you here.

Thermomix alternatives: It is also good and cheap

In 2016, a Thermomix from Vorwerk was sold somewhere in the world every 23 seconds. There was a real hype about the all-in-one food processor, and it was justified. After all, occasional cooks find it easier to prepare with the given recipes and up-to-the-minute instructions for the Thermomix. In addition, the machine takes care of tedious work such as stirring, kneading dough and cutting vegetables and thus saves users the purchase of many different kitchen appliances.

However, our Thermomix alternatives have almost identical functions and are also cheaper. Because the manufacturer Vorwerk charges dearly for its original. You have to spend almost 1,000 euros for the original Thermomix. Even leasing contracts and “working through” including illustrious parties could not prevent the Thermomix, the future of cooking, from weakening in sales. In addition, the maximum possible temperature of 140 degrees was not enough for some dishes, nor was the parallel preparation of different courses. These Thermomix alternatives can help.

These are the top Thermomix alternatives

All food processors probably have their advantages and disadvantages. Above all, however, it is the price that deters many from buying an original Thermomix. If you still don’t want to do without the benefits of a food processor, we recommend five alternatives. We didn’t test the devices, but we analyzed various test reports.

Prixton food processor

With the Prixton food processor you can both cook and steam your food in water. Since two steam cookers are included, you can prepare two dishes at the same time. On the LCD screen you can see the temperature, time and speed. In the menu are five preset menus to help you cook.

The stainless steel jug holds 2.5 liters. You can do all sorts of things in it: mix, whip, chop, fry and much more.

Klarstein Grand Prix

Another Thermomix alternative for less than 500 euros is the Klarstein GrandPrix. This model has the benefit of a scale that some other budget devices lack. This saves you a lot of space, for example. Another advantage: the device from Klarstein only costs 265 euros, i.e. almost 1,000 euros less than the original Thermomix.

You can see from the design that the GrandPrix is ​​also aimed at men, because the display is designed with a kind of rev counter and speedometer like the cockpit of a sports car. The name also clearly suggests this notch. The motor of the Thermomix alternative creates 500 watts, while the device heats with 1,000 watts.

Otherwise, the Klarstein GrandPrix has all the important Thermomix functions: stirring, mixing, boiling, steaming, chopping. One drawback: Nothing runs automatically with this Thermomix alternative, you have to switch everything manually. After all, the device comes with lots of accessories and 12 speed levels.

Thermomix alternatives: Medion’s food processor

The Medion MD 16361 food processor is a real all-rounder. You can use it to mix, knead and steam. The cutting attachment with four stainless steel blades cuts nuts effortlessly. You can also chop different types of vegetables or fruit with the kitchen appliance. This not only results in hearty sauces and stews, but also in sweet desserts. According to reports, it is also possible to conjure ice. You can bring over 130 recipes to the table.

The stainless steel bowl holds two liters. The power for mixing is 500 watts and for cooking 1000 watts. The device is therefore perfect for smoothies and soups. Especially if you only cook occasionally, this food processor with a cooking function could be perfect for you.

Preppi by Krups

The name of Krups’ Thermomix alternative is far too complicated. That’s why the HP50A8 Prep&Cook is only known as Preppi. He can cook, stew, steam, stew, stir, knead and whip, let dough rise, emulsify, mix, blend, chop, cut and grind. No difference to the Vorwerk competitor product.

Although it doesn’t have a scale, it does have more rotation power when mixing. In addition, it is not a feast for the eyes, but neither is the Thermomix. The included recipe book reportedly leaves a lot to be desired. In any case, according to reports, Preppi is quick to put into operation and considerably quieter than the Thermomix. And: It’s already 600 euros to have. Stiftung Warentest even found that Preppi cooks the best in comparison.

MyCook by Jupiter

The MyCook food processor from Jupiter is a bit more expensive, but not nearly as expensive as the Thermomix. It brings with it a decisive difference to Thermomix and Preppi: it cooks with induction technology. This means that cooking can be done evenly and with little energy consumption, but only up to 160 degrees.

After all, this Thermomix alternative guides you through the individual work steps on a chic LCD display. This is only the case with the latest versions of the Thermomix. A recipe book is included and there are hardly any complaints about it in relevant forums. The food processor is currently available from 600 euros.

Severin KM 3895

The Thermomix alternative from Severin is even cheaper than the MyCook. She is also nicknamed “James the Wondermachine”. The food processor can cook, steam, grind, stir, beat, knead, mix, emulsify, mix, mince and heat. Operation is also kept simple.

However, there is no scale included in this device either. The button for setting the temperature causes trouble in forums because it is not infinitely adjustable. Also, in terms of performance, it cannot keep up with the competing products.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect by Lidl

Lidl has had its own brand for technology products for a long time: Silver Crest. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect, a good alternative to the Vorwerk Thermomix, also came from this series. cost point: 316 euros new, a much cheaper offer. It may not have a touchscreen, but it can also cook, sear, steam, knead, mix, stir, chop, purée, emulsify, crush ice and weigh.

A cookbook with around 200 recipes and a recipe app are also included. Added to this is the ease of use that has been praised in tests.

Thermomix alternatives also have advantages

If you are lazy when cooking or want to try out the technology of modern food processors, the Thermomix alternatives could be something for you. They can do just as much as the classic from Vorwerk and are also more energy-efficient and cheaper. There are also a lot of accessories for the Thermomix. If you want to buy a used Thermomix, you should also pay attention to a few things.

By the way: no matter which device you choose as a Thermomix alternative, you can still steal the recipes from the Vorwerk original. They are freely available in the recipe world, Vorwerk’s Thermomix community. If you have one of the competing products, you just have to be careful to transfer the symbols in the instructions to your device. Then nothing should stand in the way of the joy of cooking.

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