This doesn’t smell good to me: Tesla carries out second recall because of fart horn

Deepak Gupta February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 9:05 PM

The year has barely begun and the Tesla it’s already on its second retractionl in the month (!). and this is a very curious: function update boombox of the cars. This function allows car owners to play a pre-recorded sound in place of the horn through the front speaker. It’s just that farting and goat sounds aren’t safe for some groups of pedestrians…

Horn also has security function

Some people don’t know, but horns shouldn’t be used to vent anger. Its function is also to warn risks of traffic accidents. A fart horn, goat screech or clown horn is pretty fun (I won’t deny that), but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)the agency responsible for American roads, equivalent to ours DNIT, does not like the risk that a misinterpreted horn brings to pedestrians, especially the visually impaired. Practical example: you are crossing the street and hear a fart. You ignore it because you don’t understand that it’s a horn warning that a car is coming at high speed in the parallel lane. The last sound you heard was a fart horn.

THE NHTSA requires that the Tesla update the boombox of 578,607 cars. Fortunately, this update is done via the internet and no owner will have to take the vehicle to a factory. But it’s still a recall. The system can work with the car stationary. In other words, you can honk your horn with the car parked on the street.

Tesla’s Eighth Recall

The manufacturer’s new recall is the eighth since November 2020, totaling more than 1,000,000 cars to be repaired or “fixed”. In November 2020, Tesla issued a ticket for 9,136 Model X (years 2015 and 2016). In 2021 alone, the manufacturer carried out five recalls

In February, it recalled 135,000 Model S sedans (years 2012-2018) and Model X SUVs (years 2016-2018). The reason was not serious, but problems with the on-board computer’s processor caused a failure in the touchscreen. Also in February, 12,300 Model Xs were recalled in Germany due to scratches from the car’s finishes coming off. The cause was a problem with the glue of the pieces.

In June, there was already a more dangerous case: 6,000 Model 3 (years 2019-2021) and Model Y (2020-2021) had problems with the brake caliper screws. In October, more problems with the screws of the Model 3 and Model Y, this time in the parts located in the front suspension of the vehicles. Here, more than 3,000 cars were called.

To end 2021, Tesla recalled an additional 475,000 vehicles. The front trunk lid of 119,009 Model S could open while the car was moving. While 356,309 Model 3 were part of the same recall because of the hood of the rear trunk: the opening and closing of the hood wore a cable from the rear camera, which leads to the uselessness of functionality and loss of vision of the reverse maneuver on the screen.

In early February, the Tesla summoned the owners of Model X, Model S and Model Y. 53,822 cars will need to be updated to change the “Assertive” self-driving mode. This mode allows the vehicle to drive faster, not just by speed, but by some actions. The action that will be corrected is what is called a rolling stop in English: starting the car without it having come to a complete stop. The American “DNIT” considers this practice unsafe


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