This new feature from Spotify makes it easier to know what your friends are listening to

Deepak Gupta July 29, 2022
Updated 2022/07/29 at 1:26 AM

Listening to music with friends is one of the favorite activities of several generations, but especially the most recent ones. It is a form of sharing and that many try to take it in an almost extreme way, to show their tastes.

So that no one feels left out, Spotify launches a new feature – the Mix of Friends. This is a new personalized playlist that helps users discover new music, based on what’s trending among their friends.




According to information collected by Spotify, there are more than 11 million playlists created by users that have the word “friend” in the title. In the case of our country, users created 46 thousand playlists with that word in the title.

Between June 2021 and June 2022 alone, there was a 35% growth in friends' playlists. The month of June this year saw a total of 3 million minutes of streams from these playlists being accessible.

Thus, and not surprisingly, the number of playlists with the word "friend" in the title is higher among Generation Z. It created 29% of playlists globally and 28% in Portugal, followed by Millennials with 17%, both globally and in Portugal.

As personalization is one of Spotify's strengths, this platform announced the Mix of friends, which will become available tomorrow, on International Friendship Day, July 30th. This new personalized playlist, made individually for each user, is based on Blends that were created between friends, through which it will be possible to discover new songs.

Spotify Mix friends music playlist

Unlike Group Blend, where each participant contributes their music, Friends Mix is ​​customized for each user individually. The Friends Mix will fetch music from the friends the user has blended with and create a curated playlist that only that user can see. The new feature will be available to both premium and free users.

To use Mix of Friends, follow these steps:

  • If the user has already created at least three playlists with 1 person each through Blend, just go to the Made For You hub and access the new playlists
  • Create + invite: Search for “Blend” in Spotify's search tool. Then click on “invite” to choose the people to blend with
  • Blend: As soon as the other person accepts the invitation, Spotify will generate a Blend playlist that will include songs and recommendations that reflect their musical tastes and preferences. It is even possible the songs that belong to each user.
  • Listen + share: After everyone is on the playlist, you will be able to receive a personalized card to share on social media. Blend will be updated daily.
  • Repeat: Once the user has created at least three playlists with 1 person each through Blend, it will be possible to see the new playlist, in the Made for Us Shelf section, with music that matches the tastes of all friends. The playlist is updated daily.

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