TikTok is testing subscriptions for content creators

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 20, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 5:15 PM

The battle between Tik Tok, the most downloaded app of 2021, and the Instagram, of the mighty Meta/Facebook get another chapter. Yesterday we published here on Connected world that the Instagram released the testing of signatures for influencers, now it’s the turn of the Tik Tok inform that testing the same technology, but not yet releasing the test to the public.

Dancing challenges, social media war

THE Tik Tok exploded during the first few weeks of the pandemic with its infinite content model, where the entire screen displays videos and buttons sit on top of them. That way, it’s as if you have a feeling of being eternally stuck in the feed, without big subtitles, name of whoever liked it and preview of comments in the feed, just like in the Instagram. By arriving arriving, the others social networks had to move to not lose audience. THE Instagram launched the reels, with the same interface as the Tik Tok it’s the YouTube launched the shorts. Despite not leveling the battle for videos with a focus on going viral and challenges, they gave a breather to the war between social networks. THE subscription service of Instagram it was a step towards the advantage. It’s the Tik Tok didn’t come cheap. Through a spokesperson, the company announced that it is also testing a signature, without delving into the information.

THE Tik Tok already has the tipping system, something similar to the donate gives Twitch. But, copying me, the Tik Tok subscription is a step towards an advantage. One subscription service generates value to influencers and their fans. There are many admirers willing to pay a monthly fee to receive exclusive content from those they admire.

Instagram subscription service

Anyone who subscribes to an account on the Instagram You will gain exclusive services such as: lives, stories for subscribers (totally different from “best friends”) and a special badge next to the name when commenting on posts or sending a direct message. Subscriber comments will appear first on posts. In 2023 the Instagram must end the full payment of the subscription to the content creators, keeping a percentage. At this point, the idea of social network is to help influencers make money through the platform. YouTube, Twitch are some examples of social networks that have a subscription system that helps content creators monetize their service by delivering extra money to subscribers.


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