TikTok Music could be the new bet of the successful platform

Deepak Gupta August 1, 2022
Updated 2022/08/01 at 9:13 PM

TikTok is one of the most popular platforms at the moment, with around 1 billion active users per day. Due to the growing success that it has been recording consistently, the person responsible for the social network, ByteDance, seems to want to bet on music.

TikTok Music is already on the table as a possible trademark and, soon, we can meet another Spotify and Apple Music competitor.




TikTok has collected a countless number of users who pay loyalty to the platform every day. Its enormous success is the result of short videos and the interaction for which it excels. However, in addition, a component that also characterizes it is the music. In fact, the popularity of some compositions is exactly due to TikTok.

We had already talked to him about it in 2019, but nothing seemed to be happening in that sense. Yet. According to insiderin May, ByteDance filed an application for registration of the TikTok Music brand, in the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States of America. Under the patent, the service would allow users to buy, play, share and download music, as well as create, share and recommend playlists.

ByteDance already introduced the TikTok Music brand in Australia in November last year.


Still, it is unclear how ByteDance intends to develop the TikTok Music and even if they plan to create a music streaming platform. However, knowing the impact that TikTok had on the way social networks work, with some of its features being adapted to other platforms, it is possible that a music application will become successful and gain prominence over other existing ones, such as Spotify and or Apple Music.

ByteDance already has experience in the music field

In 2020, the mother of TikTok launched a music streaming app in India, Brazil and Indonesia. Named Resso, the platform had some features that were described in TikTok Music's patent application: the ability to create playlists, share music on social networks and interact with the application's community.

According to The Informationquoted by The Verge, Resso had more than 40 million monthly users across the three countries as of November 2021. Additionally, an Insider report revealed that Resso's monthly active users increased by 304% between January 2021 and January 2021. 2022, in India alone, while Spotify, in the same time period, grew by only 38%.

As we have seen, it is still unclear whether TikTok Music will be similar to this Resso platform.

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