Tina Ruland: Action by Eric Stehfest was “totally legitimate” for her

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 1, 2022
Updated 2022/02/01 at 7:29 PM

After Tara Tabitha (28) and Jasmin Herren (43), Tina Ruland (55) on the RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also via RTL+) The actress has to leave South Africa after day eleven. She is not disappointed because of this, as she reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news. She also talks about fellow camper Eric Stehfest (32) refusing to take the exam, which has caused an uproar in the camp over the past two days. And she raves about an old fellow actor who supported her with loving words on Instagram.

How are you today after moving out of the jungle camp?

Tina Ruland: I’m doing great. I’ve showered, I’ve eaten a bit, I know I can sleep through the night and don’t have to keep vigils. I mostly spoke to my children. They said they were very proud of me.

Have your children followed the jungle?

Ruland: Yes, of course not always up to date in the evening because school was the next day. But on weekends they were allowed to.

On the evening of the decision you said you didn’t want to leave the camp yet. Are you disappointed with your early journey home?

Ruland: I’m not disappointed at all. If someone had asked me during the day whether I had to continue or go home, I would have had trouble making a decision because either would suit me. I was glad the viewers made that decision. And now that I’m out, I’m totally happy and realize that it’s just the right thing for me.

On the eleventh day, the main discussion in the jungle was about Eric Stehfest’s refusal to take the exam. How do you feel about the action?

Ruland: I think that’s totally legitimate. I don’t know exactly why he did that. He did explain what his motivation was at the moment. But I don’t know the triggers for these motives. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to take an exam or not and everyone has the right to refuse it for whatever reason. I’ve said from the start that I’ll take a food exam, but I won’t eat meat because I’m a vegetarian. A lot of people might not think so. But it is my decision and an attitude that I represent. And that’s how it was with Eric. I wasn’t mad at all.

However, your fellow campers were quite disappointed by Eric’s action. Did you understand the resentment of the others?

Ruland: No, I couldn’t understand that. I also said in the round that I accept his attitude. However, Eric has also said that he will no longer follow any rules and that he doesn’t care if we have to give up our luxury goods because of it. I don’t know what made him do it, but I told him not to punish everyone. In the course of the evening he then said that he was sorry that he had acted like that and that was quickly dismissed.

Who do you treat the jungle crown to most?

Ruland: I can’t say because I don’t begrudge some people that. I begrudge Peter, he is such a good-hearted person, so friendly and always in a good mood. He didn’t even complain. I begrudge Manuel who would love to travel with the money and was very helpful. But I also don’t begrudge it to Linda, who would like to use the money to lay the foundation for a house for her parents. But also Filip, who was so funny and a real gentleman.

Til Schweiger launched a call for you on Instagram and found many positive words for you, such as that you deserved the win like no other. Did you two keep in touch after filming Manta, Manta?

Ruland: I really like that, that’s sweet of him. We have been in contact and have not lost sight of each other for the whole 30 years. I appreciate and like him very much. He’s a really great person and I’m really happy that he did it. I haven’t seen it yet and I’ll definitely check it out.


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