Tinder may leave Google’s Play Store

Deepak Gupta July 13, 2022
Updated 2022/07/13 at 12:45 PM

The cases of infringements on Google’s Play Store due to charges and fees paid to the platform are not new, with, for example, the high-profile case of Epic Games that ended up forcing both Google and Apple to make profound changes in the way charge their commissions and the way in which apps are able to charge users.

Now it is the Tinder company that is under fire and the ongoing process could lead to the removal of the app from the Play Store.

Google wants Tinder out of the Play Store

The Match Group of which Tinder is a part is being counter-sued by Google for financial damages. The judgment even aims to remove Tinder and other apps from the Play Store group.

According to Bloomberg, earlier this year Match sued Google with allegations of antitrust violations, over a ruling that required all Android app makers to process payments for digital goods and services through the Play Store billing system.

After the initial process, in May, Google and Match reached a temporary agreement, allowing Match to remain on the Play Store with its apps and use its own payments system.

Google also agreed to make a "good faith" effort to resolve Match's billing issues. Match, for its part, should make an effort to offer Google's billing system as an alternative.

However, Alphabet, which owns Google, claims that Match Group now wants to pay Google "nothing", including the 15-30% fees on the Play Store, according to a report. judicial process:

Match Group has never intended to abide by the contractual terms it has agreed to... it would also put Match Group at an advantage over other app developers

In response, the Match group said:

Google doesn't want anyone else to sue them, so their counterclaims are designed as a warning shot. We are confident that our lawsuit, along with other developers, the US Department of Justice and 37 state attorneys general making similar claims, will be resolved in our favor early next year.

It should be remembered that the Play Store has recently opened the possibility to various types of apps to be able to charge directly through their services, keeping the Google service as an alternative.

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