Tinder scammer has already earned more than R $ 150,000 after success on Netflix

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 5:58 PM

Recently the story of Simon Leviev gained much prominence after his story was told in a documentary by Netflixsince then the ‘Tinder scammer‘ is doing quite well and has started making money from it. according to himself Levievwith his fame he got a way to get money through the portal cameowhere he records videos for his “fans”.

According to information obtained by TMZ, the ‘Scammer’ registered on the site last Tuesday (15th) and since then has been receiving several requests to record messages. The portal states that only in the first three days on the platform he won more than $30,000R$ 150,522, recording these videos with messages.

Each footage can be purchased by a person on the platform for US$ 200, R$ 1 thousand, with the cost for companies being more expensive, around US$ 2 thousand, R$ 10,034. in these videos Simon Leviev records different types of messages, from a happy birthday to even deeper conversations.

Credits: Playback / Cameo

In a post on your profile, the ‘Tinder scammer‘ is very happy to have created an account on cameo to talk to people about what they need. O TMZ points out some of his pranks on his profile, as in one of the videos, where he claims that his enemies are after him.

Who is Simon Leviev

Simon Leviev is the main character of the documentary ‘The Tinder Scam‘ produced by Netflix, where she told the story of how he posed as a diamond tycoon to woo women. However, instead of being a wealthy entrepreneur, he would run a scam on these victims, where he took money from one woman and used it to impress anotherto also get money from her.

All in all he got it steal around $10 millionR$ 50,223,999, of these victims and ended up being arrested for fraud in 2019. He spent about 5 months in the chair and had his story told by the streaming service.


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Source: TMZ, cameo

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